Business, Personal Finance and Statistics

Fall 2017 quarter

Taught by

Gleen Landram
management science, statistics
  • UG


High School Algebra required. 

Would you like to better understand the business world’s set of numbers? This program will provide the quantitative reasoning for the conduct and understanding of business and finance in today’s world. We will focus on contemporary business issues, as well as offer an introduction to personal finance and investing. This program also includes four credits of basic undergraduate statistics, which can serve as a foundation for further work in advanced social sciences including graduate programs (e.g., an MBA or MPA) requiring statistics. But fear not: this material is useful, practical and very doable.

We will examine the financial challenges faced by smaller businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals, and what it takes to be effective in our current economic environment. There will be workshops, lectures, films, guest speakers and student-led sessions. Readings from daily newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, magazines such as the Economist and Kiplingers, and texts such as That Used to Be Us by Thomas Friedman will increase student familiarity with current business topics and help students develop the skills to organize and analyze business, economic and financial information. Strategies for effectively presenting quantitative information will also be covered. 

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business and management

Preparatory For

business, social work, non-profit organizations and government. 


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First class meeting: Monday, September 25 at 9:30am (Sem II C1105)

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