Pacific Northwest History: Multicultural Perspectives

Summer 2017 quarter (First Session)

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American history, information resources and library science
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The Pacific Northwest history explored in this course will introduce students to regional and U.S. history. Working with film and primary documents, students will research and inquire how liberty and justice have been interpreted and applied in the Northwest. Using a multicultural approach at intersections of class, race, and gender, we will shed light on Native American Indian perspectives about European imperialism and engage social histories, as well as explore how labor, race and gender inform the experiences of Chinese Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Japanese Americans during the period 1700-1950. 

This course is also designed to meet criteria for Masters in Teaching program, and to complement the Pacific Northwest Weather and Climate course offered by Dr. Sara Rose.

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african american studies history

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History; Social Studies; Cultural Studies; Gender Studies; K-12 Education; Public Service; State Government; 


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Mon/Wed, 1-5pm

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