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Summer 2017 quarter (First Session)

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Japanese language and culture
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The program aims to give students firsthand experience of Japanese college life through participating in classes in the Department of Comparative Culture at Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan, for three weeks. Students will work closely with Tamagawa students and be engaged in many social activities with them both on and off campus. There will be weekend excursions to sites selected for their historic and cultural importance as well as optional outings to places like a kabuki theater, museums and antique shops. Students will have valuable opportunities to observe and experience Japanese culture both on and off campus. Students will stay at Tamagawa University’s on-campus accommodation reserved exclusively for Evergreen students. The length of stay is three weeks--from June 19 to July 10, 2017. Interested students should contact Tomoko Hirai Ulmer for more information and an application form. The selection process will start in February of 2017.

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education international studies language studies

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Education, Cultural Anthropology, Arts, Language Studies.


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Study Abroad

Our destination is Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan. The length of stay will be three weeks (Monday, June 19 - Monday, July 10.) The estimated total cost for the three-week stay, including the airfare, is $3,100.

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Day, Evening, and Weekend

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This is a three-week study abroad program. The host institution is Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan. The departure date is Monday, June 19 and the return date, Monday, July 10.

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No Required Online Learning