Student-Originated Studies (SOS): Agriculture and Food Systems

Winter 2017 quarter

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sustainable agriculture, entomology
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Interested in learning more about agriculture? Got an individual project that you’d like to investigate? This Student-Originated Studies (SOS) will support students pursuing individual work in agricultural and food related topics. Such topics may include on-farm internships and/or research projects in agriculture and food related themes. Twelve credits of this SOS will focus on individualized learning goals. The remaining four credits will be earned through common work and a required weekly group meeting to help form a peer support group. This program is ideal for self-motivated students with an interest in agriculture and/or food systems.

Students will hold in-program ILC for an internships or research project that will be for 25-30 hours of work per week in scope, and everyone will come together as a class once a week. The common work will include a group meeting one day a week, maintenance of a “field” journal to capture research and internship learning, weekly readings and seminar, group discussion papers, and a final paper and presentation. In the required weekly group meetings, students will explore timely issues relevant to small scale, local, and direct market farming and food topics through discussions and workshops. These issues may include, but are not limited to, winter maintenance of perennial fruit trees and shrubs, vegetative plant propagation, appropriate scale technology, nutrient cycling, water use and law, food production regulations, finances, farm and crop planning and farm business planning, sustainable production practices and other relevant issues decided upon by the class. Students’ individual projects/internships will provide the foundation for exploring relevant farming topics and give a richer and broader basis for discussion.

This program is ideal for self-motivated students with an interest in agriculture and/or food systems.

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agriculture biology botany ecology zoology

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agriculture and farming.


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First class meeting: Thursday, January 12th at 10am (Organic Farm)

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