Summer 2017 quarter (First Session)

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High school biology required; College level general biology preferred.

Neuroscience continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of biology and is at the cutting edge of technical and conceptual advances in the life sciences. If you want to know how animals touch, hear, see, smell, and remember things, then you need to study ions, molecules, cells, neural networks, brain structure and behavior. We will first learn about the function of the brain’s cellular computers: neurons. We will learn how neurons differ from other cells, how they generate electrical signals, and how they communicate with one another via synapses. We will then investigate how neurons cooperate in circuits by studying five sensory systems: vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Topics include the physical and chemical bases for action potentials, synaptic transmission, and sensory transduction; anatomy; development; sensory and motor pathways; memory and learning at the molecular, cellular, and systems level; and the neuroscience of some brain diseases. There may be an opportunity for upper division credit.

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Biology, health sciences, education, and other natural sciences.


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Tue/Wed/Thu 10a-2p

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