Housing Policy (Grays Harbor)

Spring 2017 quarter

Taught by

  • UG

Taught by Bary Hanson

Housing has become one of the defining economic and social issues of our time.  This class will examine the political, financial and social forces that determine how the public and private sectors struggle to meet our collective need for housing. Using the current housing issues in Grays Harbor county as an active case study, students will work together to gain an understanding of how housing impacts both the quality of life and the overall health of a community.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how to use census data to assess a community’s housing needs
  • Examine what ‘affordability’ means
  • Examine what constitutes ‘appropriate housing’ at various income levels as well as housing cost
  • Explore how median income is applied to determine eligibility for housing loans, grants, and ‘high needs’ programs & services
  • Explore how housing programs are funded and supported
  • Explore local housing inventory including Grays Harbor’s “10 Year Plan to End Homelessness”
  • Investigate the spectrum of housing and see it’s place within the social service context including ‘fair market’ and ‘service enriched’ housing
  • Investigate the basics of financial literacy including how mortgages and insurance are managed

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community studies government


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Grays Harbor

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Wed 6-9:30p

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