Managing and Leading Human Service Organizations

Summer 2017 quarter (First Session)

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organizational psychology, leadership coaching and development, management, HR management
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Human service organizations support the most vulnerable members of their communities.  Leaders and administrators in this sector face challenges in maintaining and moving their organizations forward.  Some of the culprits include dependence on outside resources, smaller size of the organization's human resources, low pay and limited overall compensation, higher attrition rate, inconsistent levels of volunteers, lack of resources for training and development, and increasing demands on their services. Leaders of human service organizations, as a result, must be prepared with the strongest leadership skill sets to inspire their organizations achieve their mission.  The primary learning objective of this course is to help students gain leadership and management skills necessary to become successful leaders and managers in human service fields. This course provides students with the opportunity to reflect, collaborate, and learn through individual and group activities including self-evaluation, cases, discussions and seminars, and team projects.      

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