SOS: CCBLA -- Internships with Latin American/ Latinx Communities

Summer 2017 quarter (Full Session)

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Spanish language, Latin American literature
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Previous experience with community-based work. Students should also have set up their internships prior to starting the summer quarter.

This Student-Originated Studies (SOS) program is intended for students with a background in community-based learning who have made arrangements to carry out or continue internships or other community-based work in Latin America or with Latinx communities in the United States. Students can develop internships or volunteer projects with schools, advocacy groups, and other non-profit organizations for up to 35 hours per week. They will participate in online forums with other students, write weekly reflection papers, read brief texts to support the development of skills in community-based work, and maintain close contact with faculty via e-mail and online forums. This SOS program, in collaboration with the Center for Community-Based Learning and Action (CCBLA), will assist students in developing and refining cultural competencies needed to work with Latinx or Latin American communities and offer an online community of peers engaged in similar work. 

Students are encouraged to develop their internships in the spring quarter at the latest. Faculty can provide a list of possible internships in the Puget Sound area, Mexico (Yucatán), and Colombia (Santander), and assist students in the process of establishing relationships with organizations and developing internships. Internships are available in the areas of the arts, environment and sustainability, agriculture, education, and health. In consultation with faculty, students can also develop internships independently in other regions of Latin America or the United States.

A combination of internship and academic credit will be awarded in this program. Students may arrange an internship for up to 14 credits (35 hrs/wk) and will be granted two academic credits for participation in online forums, contact with faculty, and weekly reflections. Students may distribute their program credits to include less than 14 credits of internship when accompanying research, reading, and writing credits associated with their community work are included. This program is ideal for responsible, self-motivated students who value collaborative learning and are committed to learning from and with community organizations. Students carrying out internships in Latin America will also need to complete requirements for study abroad. Interested students should contact faculty member Catalina Ocampo ( ) as early as winter 2017 but no later than May 26, 2017 before registering for this program (one month before the beginning of the summer quarter).

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community studies cultural studies language studies


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Study Abroad

Depending on where students set up their internships, this program may include study abroad in Latin America. Students traveling to Latin America must arrange their own travel, room, and board, and fulfill all study abroad requirements prior to leaving for their internship.

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By arrangement with faculty. Students will need to arrange their internship or community work independently with their host organization; in addition, students will be expected to participate in online forums with others students in the program; the schedule for online forums will be coordinated with other students in the program. Start date: June 26, 2017.

Online Learning

Hybrid Online Learning 50 - 74% Delivered Online

Special Expenses

Students should take into account expenses for transportation to and from internships.