Ethics and Leadership in Public Service

Spring 2017 quarter

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public and nonprofit administration, urban studies
  • MPA

In this course you will be given the opportunity to work through issues relevant to management of people in public and nonprofit organizations and the role professional ethics plays in those issues.  We will examine different frameworks relevant to professional settings in the hope that this approach will provide a context to help you more clearly understand the interactions you observe in your workplace, and help you consider possible appropriate actions in ambiguous and complex situations.  This course will examine some real world dilemmas you could encounter as a leader, dilemmas not necessarily covered in a text book.  You will not walk away with a set of answers to these situations; however, one goal of the course is to have you recognize how your moral compass influences the professional ethical choices you may have to make.  Another goal is to explore other influences at your disposal when making (and justifying) ethical decisions. 

NB  One of the sources to be used in the classroom and for discussion will be the third season of The Wire (HBO series--rated Mature for language, some nudity, adult subject matter).  It is recommended (but not required) that you watch the first two seasons of The Wire by the start of Spring Quarter.  The DVDs are available at the Daniel J. Evans Library (Evergreen). Resource:

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