Business and Ethics

Spring 2017 quarter

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This program is designed for students with an interest in business studies. While this is primarily a business strategy program, we will be reading discussions of ethics from ancient philosophy to contemporary theater. These will shed light on the role that honesty and ethics play in the sometimes cut-throat world of business. We will view socially responsible business as an integral part of building a healthy society.

Starting with basic work on spreadsheet skills and understanding balance sheets we will move into the business strategy realm as we compete against each other in small teams using an in-depth on-line simulation that puts you in charge of a sneaker company with global sales. You will choose customer segments, set prices, respond to changes in taxation and global events, and be ready to pivot when your ‘friends’ get ahead of you in sales. We will also conduct in-class negotiations.

We will consider the ethics of global markets that use inexpensive foreign labor to keep low prices for our consumer goods. Theater and philosophy help us focus on the impact that economic decisions have on the quality of our lives. We will read about Nike’s rise in the footwear industry and essays by Socrates, Kant and Bok, and plays by the likes of Arthur Miller, Shakespeare, Suzan-Lori Parks and August Wilson. There will be guest speakers.

Whether you are a hard-core capitalist, a seller of Cheetos dust, an artist (or an aspiring con-artist), this program could be for you. You can expect to gain knowledge of business terminology, a grasp of the fundamentals of business plans, experience with business strategy and negotiations, public speaking and strong basic writing skills, useful for business or anywhere else.

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business and management

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business and management.


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First class meeting: Monday, April 3 at 9am (Sem II E3107)

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