Promoting Social Change Through Student Leadership in Higher Education

Spring 2017 quarter

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  • UG

Through the lens of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, this course will explore the impact that can be made by student leaders in higher education and Evergreen. We will read, discuss, and write about the history, value, and social impact of higher education, the liberal arts, and Evergreen. Using student development and identity theories, we will develop a shared understanding of the needs of college students in the 21st century. We will then delve into literature that describes various leadership styles and work to define our own approaches to leadership. The course will culminate with small group projects where students will follow a program development model while designing an educational program that addresses an identified need on campus and highlights the leadership style of each member of the team.

Note: Students who complete this course will be well positioned to apply for a New Student Mentor position for the 2017-2018 academic year.


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education leadership studies

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supporting student success, mentoring, coaching, and/or community organizing.


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Fri 3-5pm

First class meeting: Friday, April 7 at 3pm (Lecture Hall Classroom 8)

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2017-03-03This course is now offered to freshmen and sophomores.