Comparative & International Administration

Fall 2016 quarter

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This course will explore two beliefs that are strongly held by many Americans: that we have little to learn from other countries, and that we are better off going it alone rather than working through alliances or supranational organizations such as the United Nations. But the US has much to gain by learning from the administrative and policy experiences of other countries.  And problems such as climate change, strengthening the global financial system, and unequal development require global solutions and working through both international and supranational organizations.We will explore the theory and reality of such organizations: why they are needed but also why they are very difficult to manage and lead.  We will also compare the US with political and administrative systems elsewhere and examine how they have crafted policy solutions that provide useful examples for the US.  We will also study the challenges to performing comparative research, the role of nongovernmental organizations,  and the cultural knowledge/skills needed to work effectively at the global level.  We will use lectures, seminars, films and workshops to explore these issues.  




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