Movements: African-American Culture in the (Long) 20th Century

Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 quarters

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American studies
media arts, media and film, experimental media
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Movements emerge out of adverse political conditions and embody new creative strategies and possibilities. This program will explore how African-American writers, media makers, musicians, artists, and community activists use a range of methods to resist white supremacy and foster resilience within their communities. We will examine interrelated political, literary, artistic, and musical movements that have emerged from African-American experience through the “long 20th century,” beginning at Reconstruction and continuing into the present day. Our program trajectory will be historical, and will consider the arts as a primary connective tissue among the movements up for consideration. Our work together will bring us to the Harlem Renaissance, the civil rights movement, the Black Arts movement, Afrofuturism, Neo Soul, and Black Lives Matter. We will consider how the unique conditions and histories of African-Americans have shaped these movements, and how they have interacted with other artistic and social-justice movements.

In fall quarter students will learn to read African-American cultural texts—including film, music, visual art and literature—to understand the relationships of people and communities, their sense of identity and possibilities for solidarity across differences. Through workshops students will develop skills in visual and media literacy, library and community-based research, digital photography and video editing, creative and expository writing, analytical reading and viewing, and literary analysis.

In winter quarter students will bring their historical studies into the present day by conducting collaborative research projects examining contemporary African-American movements. Students will be encouraged to use the range of skills they have developed in the program to plan, execute, and share these projects with the broader Evergreen community.

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african american studies literature media arts

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education, African American studies, literature, and media arts.


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First winter class meeting : Tuesday, January 10 at 10am (Sem II C1105)

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$115 per quarter for entrance fees, overnight field trips, and a reader. 


2016-12-23This program will accept new winter enrollment without signature.
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2016-09-01Fees increased (from $50 to $65).