Political Economy and Social Movements

Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 quarters

Taught by

Peter Dorman
economics, political economy, statistics
  • UG

This program is the primary gateway to the study of political economy at Evergreen. It introduces students to the fundamental building blocks of political-economic analysis: the history and institutions of capitalism, mainstream economics and radical alternatives, theories of democracy and social change, and the strategies and practice of social movements that seek to transform the existing framework. We examine political economy at all scales, from the very local to the international, and we analyze inequality in its different forms—the hierarchies of class, gender, nationality, race, and other statuses and identities. Special attention will be given to the role of culture in maintaining or challenging mainstream political and economic ideology. Students will expand their capacity to engage in public debate and social justice organizing through building skills in democratic decision-making, writing, public speaking, media communication, research, and quantitative methods. Credit equivalencies will be offered for introductory economics (micro and macro), politics, communication, and history.


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First winter class meeting: Tuesday, January 10th at 9am (Sem II C2105)

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$25 per quarter for tickets and entrance fees.


2016-04-28Fee added ($25 per quarter).