Human Resource Management for Non-HR Managers and Supervisors

Summer 2017 quarter (Second Session)

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organizational psychology, leadership coaching and development, management, HR management
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Today's managers and supervisors are required to share more and more of the human management responsibilities in their organizations.  As managers and supervisors, they need to learn and apply critical human resource management (HRM) solutions to make more effective personnel decisions on daily basis.  As a result, they are engaged in the HRM processes and practices, including recruitment, selection, hiring, development, training, performance management, promotion, investigation, termination, and risk management.  Erroneous personnel decisions can cost supervisors their careers and the companies significant short and long-term damages.  This course teaches students the critical knowledge and skills in human resource management to help them supervise and lead their teams and organizations more effectively and confidently, improving the overall performance of their company and job satisfaction of the staff.  This course provides conceptual understanding of HRM through readings, videos and case analyses while developing skills through practice, critical and reflective thinking, writing, and group activities and projects.  

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