Dance of Wisdom: Embodied Consciousness

Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and Spring 2017 quarters

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modern dance, kinesiology
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Note: Rob Esposito taught in this program fall-only.  A bug in the catalog makes it appear as though he is teaching the full length of the program.

Every sensation, emotion, thought, and movement we experience, we experience in and through our bodies. This year-long program explores how we fully know and express ourselves and our world through the study and practice of authentic movement, music, drawing, writing, and dance. We will examine the formal components of movement through study of experiential anatomy and kinesiology while also exploring the subjective dimensions of experience using instruments and theories of psychology, existential phenomenology, Gestalt, art history, and movement forms such as Open Floor, Authentic Movement, and modern dance technique, improvisation, composition, and performance.

The first quarter will address foundational and historical roots of somatic psychology, dance, and fine art and introduce practical methods for working with and composing movement, drawing, music, and writing. Through progressively integrated classes in these expressive arts, we will learn concrete methods for accessing the body's wisdom, beauty, and wholeness. In the second quarter, students play freely with basic theories, principles, and methods for creating original work with personal and social meaning and value. Together we will learn how emotions and thoughts live in the body, and how movement reveals and expresses what we think, feel, sense, and know. Working individually and in groups we will discover how personal decisions and actions affect the group and build holistic communities. Spring quarter integrates learning from fall and winter, linking theory with unique creative applications. Students take the lead in creating, organizing, and performing original multimedia art and performance rituals, and present culminating reports and papers.

Throughout the year the program will work with multiple forms of intelligence, somatic practices, and integrative expressive arts approaches to learning. Students will explore practices of movement (such as dance or yoga), writing, drawing, and theater in order to cultivate the senses as well as the imagination and powers of expression. These practices will help us understand the deeper aspects of the human experience, which are the source of self-leadership, intentional living, and positive change. Students will also investigate the relationship between inner transformation and social change through engagement in community service.

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consciousness studies dance leadership studies somatic studies

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consciousness studies, dance, leadership studies, somatic studies, and theater.



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First spring class meeting: Tuesday, April 4 at 9:30am (CRC 314)

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$85 in fall, $15 in winter, and $110 in spring for supplies and overnight retreats.


2017-03-13Spring fee increased (from $85 to $110).
2017-02-23This program will not accept new students spring quarter.
2016-12-08This program will not accept new students winter quarter.
2016-11-16Rob Esposito has left the program to teach Dance of Power, Freedom, Belonging, and Fun.