Calculus I

Fall 2016 quarter

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mathematics, history of science
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Solid background in college algebra and trigonometry.

Calculus is the mathematical study of change. This course is designed for students interested in further studies in science, mathematics, engineering, technology and economics.

In the first quarter of this thematically-integrated course, students will cover  calculus through small-group discussions, interactive lectures, and hands-on laboratory investigations. We will learn about limits, rate of change, differentiation and its rules, optimization, integration and its applications (area under the curve, volumes of revolution, arc length and surfaces), methods of integration, differential equations and multi-variable calculus. We will take a numerical, algebraic and graphical approach to the main concepts of calculus.

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astronomy chemistry economics mathematics physics

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Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Education


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Tue 6-10. First meeting Tuesday September 27, 6pm, Sem II D3109.

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