The Addict Archetype

Spring 2017 quarter

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This course offers students an opportunity to explore the intersection between human development, addiction, and Jungian Psychology. The goal is to help students expand their worldview and identify competency in delivering social services to people impacted by addiction. We will examine the shadow of addiction in all its contexts; historical, social, political, as well as interpersonal. Guiding questions will include: What is the culture of addiction? How does the cultural shadow of addiction impact the personal narrative of a substance user? How does the shadow impact the person in the helping role? In addition to Jungian Psychology we will explore theories including attachment, motivational interviewing, as well theoretical concepts from human development, and adverse childhood experiences.Topics will be presented to students in media, lectures, workshops, seminars, guest speakers, reflective and expressive writing, group discussions, mindful movement, and presentations in small groups. In addition to emphasizing consciousness and introspection, students will explore the intra-personal aspects as a way of identifying resources for effective interventions and treatment.

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consciousness studies health psychology

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Human services including social work, counseling, psychology, addiction


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Thu 6-9:30p

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