NonProfit Theory and Practice

Spring 2017 quarter

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Compared to most “developed” countries, US law and civic practice encourages people to band together to try to solve public problems.  As a result, our society relies heavily on nonprofit entities to deliver social and health services, support the arts, and assist with many other important tasks.  But although interest in nonprofits has exploded, the reality that nonprofits can’t be run either like businesses or government agencies is poorly appreciated.  It is critical for students of public administration to better understand the sector, and how to run nonprofit organizations with skill.   This course will focus on the unique characteristics and topics of the nonprofit sector.  It aims to provide an introduction to the sector, its close linkages with the philanthropy and government sectors, and will explore how to manage a nonprofit effectively.  This course is applicable to students aiming for a career in nonprofit management, who have an interest in the sector, or who might one day want to be a member of a nonprofit board and want to understand how nonprofits function in the US and elsewhere.  

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