Student-Originated Studies: Community-Based Learning and Action

Winter 2017 quarter

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This Student-Originated Studies program is intended for students with a general background and interest in social science, community life, public policy, social movements, and social justice. It is offered for students who are making (or have made) solid arrangements with community-based organizations or agencies to shape an internship or students who developed a plan for an independent study that involves community-based learning, organizing, research, and participation. Students will develop strong links to organizations, regional social movements, and community mentors and partners who will be the students guides and hosts in their work.

A combination of internship (or individual study) and academic credit will be awarded. Students may arrange for an internship for up to 30 hours a week. Typically, four to six academic credits will be awarded for seminar work on community-based studies, social science, and participatory action research. Students with less than 10 credits of internship may supplement their project with accompanying research, reading, and writing associated with their community work.

The program includes a required weekly program meeting that will focus on discussion of readings in social science, community studies, and participatory research. There will be other meetings as needed and in connection with community life and events. Students will be doing extensive writing, both as analysis of readings and as field-based logs and reflection. Students will organize small interest/support groups to discuss issues related to projects and to collaborate on a presentation at the end of the quarter. Students will submit weekly progress/reflection reports to the faculty sponsor. Contact faculty member Lin Nelson ( ) if further information is needed.

The program is connected to Evergreen’s Center for Community-based Learning and Action (CCBLA) which supports learning about, engaging with, and contributing to community life in the region. As such, this program benefits from the rich resource library, staff, internship support, and workshops offered through the center.

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community studies psychology sustainability studies

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social science, psychology, education, health, community organizing, and social change.


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First class meeting: Wednesday, January 11 at 9am (Sem II E2109)

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