CARE Coordination & Student Assistance

CARE Team's ultimate goal is to support overall holistic student success.

We want to support students to navigate complex systems in order to engage with personal, academic, professional, and relational needs as autonomous and healthy human beings. We work as a comprehensive proactive response team and resource for students whose behavior is unsafe, harmful, disruptive, or damaging to themselves or others. We want to optimize each persons' functioning and overall well-being while increasing individuals capacity to get their needs met in a healthy and safe manner through planning, skill development, resources, referrals, and support. 

Case Management & Care Coordination

Our main focus is on the psychosocial and behavioral problems that may interfere with adequate and successful functioning and, if unaddressed, might lead to a dangerous outcome to the student or community. Through care coordination, we can connect students to resources for mental and physical health resources, as well as address environmental and psychosocial challenges including but not limited to: housing, food, financial assistance, trauma, social adjustments, relationships, academics, etc.

  • Student Success Planning
  • Link to support resources internally and externally
  • Aid in navigating systems, supports, processes
  • Framework for self-care, skill development, and advocacy
  • System of accountability and follow up
  • Help student to move beyond behaviors or challenging environment

Consultation & Support

CARE Team may also be used to engage wth critical issues and crisis that relate to behavioral health. if there is a critical emergency, please contact Campus Police 360-867-6140) or the Emergency Crisis Response Team. 

  • Campus Outreach
  • Safety and holistic well-being of humans who may be in distress or crisis
  • Behavioral Consultation of Concerns--Campus Community Members (Fac/Staff)
  • Postvention Planning (Individual & Community)
  • Policy & Procedure Consultation-

CARE Team Reporting Mechanism

If you have concerns about the well-being, safety, or support of a student experiencing psychosocial, environmental, and/or behavioral challenges, please contact Lexie Generous, Student Assistance Coordinator at / 360-867-5295 / Sem 1 4117

You may also email the CARE Team at with any concerns.

Early Alert Report Form (TBD)


CARE Team Membership

CARE CORE Team includes but is not limited to:

  • Student Assistance Coordinator
  • Director of Student Wellness and/or Lead Psychologist
  • Assistant Director of RAD and/or RAD Senior RD/Case Manager
  • Director of Academic Advising and/or Assistant Director
  • Academic Dean
  • Office of Student Conduct Representative
  • Campus Police

Other campus partners will be invited to the meetings as student needs suggest appropriate.

Resource for Friends & Family

Friends & Family Checklist

JED Foundation Set To Go Campaign

Resources for Staff/Faculty

Responding to Students in Distress

Resources for Student Needs (PDF)

Resource Database


What happens after a report has been made?

After a report has been made, we will make every effort to identify key information and reach out to the student. Together we will work to make a plan to support the students needs. Sometimes this may result in an Educational Conference, other times it will be supported working conversations with the Care Coordinator or another member of the CARE Team.

Who do I contact for follow up?

You may contact the CARE Team email at with any questions, comments, or concerns. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.