About the Speakers

2017 Return to Evergreen Speakers

Portrait of Diana Arens

Diana Arens ’93, MPA ’15


Diana Arens is a former Olympia riot grrrl, program director of KAOS Olympia Community Radio, and program producer and host of “Free Things Are Cool” on KAOS (1991-2008), as well as all-ages show organizer, photographer, and audio engineer at Dub Narcotic Studio and Yoyo Studio. Diana recorded many festivals, including Yoyo a Go Go in Olympia (1994 and 1997), Ladyfest Olympia (2000), and Homo a Go Go, and also built speakers still in use at Dub Narcotic Studio during the Evergreen course Audio in Media (1993).

Diana has a song on the Go Olympia cassette in the exhibit and went on tour with the Cha Cha Cabaret.

A double Greener, Diana graduated in ’93 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Communications, and Psychology and in 2013 completed her Master of Public Administration. She currently works for the State of Washington as a Senior Budget and Forecast Analyst. A lifelong Washingtonian, she lives in Olympia with her partner, Claude, and their three cats.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Scott D. Baker

Scott D. Baker '77

Principal Consulting Arborist, Tree Solutions, Inc.

Scott Baker is a Registered Consulting Arborist and currently the principal consulting arborist with Tree Solutions Inc. in Seattle, Washington. Scott began his career as an arborist in New York in 1972, climbing trees and running a spray rig for a small tree service. Scott continued to work with trees while a student at Evergreen and owned a tree service in Olympia. More recently, Scott’s focus has been on advances in the field of biomechanics, the use of trees to support structures, and the use of technology in the field of arboriculture. As a speaker and trainer, Scott has presented talks and workshops all over North America.

Session: Exploring Evergreen's 1000-acre Wood

Portrait of Jessica Bateman

Jessica Bateman '09, MES '12


Jessica is currently serving her second year on the Olympia City Council, where she belongs to the general government and finance committees. She is co-chair of The Home Fund, a coalition focused on passing a permanent supportive housing levy in Olympia, and was a proponent of Olympia becoming a sanctuary city. Before her election to the City Council, she served on the Olympia Planning Commission and the board of GRuB, a local nonprofit committed to empowering at-risk youth and low-income families. Jessica has over eight years of experience in the public and non-profit sector working in public policy, planning, and legislative affairs. She currently works as a health policy associate for the Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers and has served as community impact director for The United Way of Thurston County, as a legislative aide, and community organizer. Jessica is a first-generation college student who began her post high school education at Green River Community College. She holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies.

Session: Engaging in Local Politics: An Interactive Community Conversation

Portrait of Detective Kim Bogucki

Detective Kim Bogucki

Seattle Police Department and co-foundER for the IF Project

Detective Kim Bogucki is the Co-founder of The IF Project, engaging current and former inmates of the Washington Department of Corrections to share intimate accounts of their experiences through writing and video diaries. This work creates a knowledge base that can educate communities and reduce the cycle of crime. A 28-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department, Kim has developed nationally replicated programs that create dialogue around issues of social justice between members of law enforcement and the communities they serve. Kim is a part of a gender-responsive initiative with the Washington State Department of Corrections. She serves as officer liaison to the LGBTQ Advisory Council and East African Community. Kim also serves on the Governor’s Reentry Task Force and the Governor’s Task Force on Ending Youth Homelessness.

Session: Convicts & Caring: Changing Paths and What Public Servants Need to Know

Portrait of Amira Joy Norte Caluya

Amira Joy Norte Caluya

LGBTQ Coordinator

Amira is a generation 1.5 Pilipinx immigrant/queer/trans/non-binary femme, and LGBTQ Coordinator of the Trans and Queer Center. They are thrilled to be here to celebrate and honor Evergreen’s LGBTQQIAA community, and continue deepening the path our community has paved for us. They completed their Bachelor of Arts in Social Work at Portland State University, and their Master’s in Social Work at University of Michigan, with a focus on social policy and evaluation. Their past experience includes campaigning for undocumented students’ equitable access to higher education in Oregon, and researching the impact of punitive attendance, suspension, and expulsion policies in K-12 schools in Michigan. Prior to working at Evergreen, they were the Program Co-Director at Stonewall Youth, in Olympia, WA, where they developed a youth/adult co-leadership model that ensured youth voices were the driving force of the decision-making process. In their spare time, Amira likes to read, sleep, and contemplate the big question: what could their majestic black cat Chac Balaam possibly be doing right now?

Session: Introducing the Trans and Queer Center

Portrait of Rebecca Chamberlain

Rebecca Chamberlain

Member of the Faculty

Rebecca Chamberlain earned a B.A. in English from Seattle Pacific University and an M.A. in English from the University of Washington. Her expertise is in comparative literature, writing, and oral narratives. A Northwest writer, storyteller, educator, and activist, her publications include poetry, essays, articles, research, and curricula. Her interdisciplinary work explores culture, language, and communications; folklore and mythology; astronomy and cosmology; natural history, environmental, and outdoor education; arts in education; and contemplative practices. She has published papers with Evergreen students on subjects as diverse as binary star research and citizen science, and with Salish elders on language, culture, and sustainability. Her poetry has been featured in international journals. Rebecca has been teaching at The Evergreen State College since 1996, and has served on the on the Board of Governors for The Evergreen State College since 2011.

Session: Just Mercy Seminar

Portrait of Daniel Cherniske

Daniel Cherniske '15

Food Systems Educator and Small Business Owner

Daniel Cherniske is the co-founder at Symbiotic Cycles LLC, an Olympia-based company dedicated to the application of regenerative food production through aquaponics. He is passionate about facilitating community growth and resilience. Daniel is currently working on Entimago, his insect farming project.

Session: Sustainable Living in the Northwest

Portrait of Domenica Clark

Domenica Clark '07

DJ at Hollow Earth Radio

Domenica was a DJ on KAOS from 2003 to 2009, in addition to interning there with various departments. While living in Olympia, she coordinated the Olympia Experimental Music Festival for three years as well as working on Ladyfest 2005. After graduating from Evergreen in 2007, she continued her involvement with Seattle arts organizations, most notably at Hollow Earth Radio, where she held numerous positions, including Volunteer Coordinator, and served as a member of Board of Directors. In addition, she founded a radio show dedicated to teaching women how to DJ. She continues to DJ both at Hollow Earth Radio and at events in the Seattle area as a professional DJ.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Stephanie Coontz

Stephanie Coontz

Faculty Emerita

Stephanie Coontz is Director of Research and Public Education at the Council on Contemporary Families as well as Faculty Emerita at The Evergreen State College. She has authored seven books on marriage and family life, including A Strange Stirring: ‘The Feminine Mystique’ and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s, The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap (with a revised and expanded edition released in 2016), and Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage, which was cited in the U.S. Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. She also edited American Families: A Multicultural Reader. Coontz is a frequent guest columnist for the New York Times and CNN and has appeared on The Colbert Report, MSNBC's "The Cycle," The Today Show, PBS News Hour, Oprah Winfrey, Crossfire, 20/20, CBS This Morning, C-SPAN, and the O'Reilly Factor. She was recently awarded the Work-Family Legacy Award by the Families and Work Institute.

Session: Make American Great Again: How Myths About the Past Threaten Our Future

Portrait of Arrington de Dionyso

Arrington de Dionyso '96

Artist and Musician

Arrington de Dionyso moved to Olympia from Eastern Washington in 1992 to study ethnomusicology and performance art at Evergreen. He is a founder of the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, and appears on dozens of albums with groups such as Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa, and This Saxophone Kills Fascists. A prolific visual artist as well as a musician, his drawings were featured prominently as fashion prints in the 2015 Men's Collection by Yves Saint Laurent.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Kathy A. Dockins

Kathy A. Dockins '89

FORMER KAOS Business Manager and KAOS DJ

Along with Evergreen, Kathy is also celebrating her 50th anniversary of existence this year! Beckoned by Evergreen as a high school senior, Kathy stuck with traditional programs her first two years at Evergreen (Great Books; Intro to Performing Arts). She subsequently converted a Business Management internship at KAOS into full-time employment for three more years before leaving the Evergreen State for the Golden State. She moved back to Washington in 1995.

Music and entertainment comprised Kathy’s first career, starting at KAOS and ending at Muzak (writing and voicing audio marketing scripts). After obtaining a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle U, she worked in Police Records and Internal Affairs, and now conducts pre-employment background screenings for the (shudder) private sector.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys walking, hiking, swimming, working on photo albums, reading and watching movies. She lives in Seattle with her two cats, Potter and Weasley.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Larry Eickstaedt

Larry Eickstaedt

Emeritus Faculty

Larry Eickstaedt grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa. He has earned degrees from Buena Vista College, University of Iowa, and obtained his Ph.D. from Stanford University. Larry started his college teaching career at Moss Landing Marine Station and at the College at Old Westbury in New York. In 1970, he joined the Planning Faculty at The Evergreen State College. Larry taught in programs such as Environmental Design, Marine History and Crafts, Paradox of Progress, Reflections of Nature, and Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology. He has also served two terms as Academic Advisor, two terms as Faculty Reference Librarian, and one term as Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees. Following retirement, Larry started writing poetry and has published one book. He also began carving stone and has had his sculptures displayed at many shows. He has been blessed with a wonderful family, and was inspired by his grandchildren to build an artistic tree house in his back yard last year.

Session: Evergreen in the First Year: Stories, Rumors, Myth, Fact and Magic

Portrait of Susan Fiksdal

Susan Fiksdal

Member of the Faculty Emerita

Susan Fiksdal first came to Evergreen in 1973 with a M.A. in French from Middlebury College in Vermont. She taught Linguistics and French language classes, and later served as Academic Dean at Evergreen. After eight years of teaching, she had many questions about language and went on to study at the University of Michigan and received a Ph.D. in Linguistics in 1986. Her second book, A Guide to Teaching Seminars: Conversation, Identity, and Power, was published in 2014.

Session: Just Mercy Seminar

Portrait of Sascha Fischel-Freeman

Sascha Fischel-Freeman '11

Family and Student Support Coordinator, Shelton School District

Sascha Fischel-Freeman is the current Student and Family Support Coordinator/ Homeless Liaison of the Shelton School District. He has worked with working class communities and communities of color both in the US and internationally for the last 10 years focusing specifically on youth. Sascha is a 2011 graduate of the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Arts focusing in Youth Development, Community Studies and Latin American Studies. Over the last 10 years, Sascha has spent 4 of them in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. In Barquisimeto, he worked with children and youth through several local organizations. Sascha did extensive work with youth groups comprised of inner city youth, organized summer camps for low-income children and coordinated teams of at-risk youth to work at a local urban food cooperative. In the 4 years that Sascha lived in Barquisimeto, he spent much of that time working with the Cecosesola cooperative network.

Sascha has worked in Shelton schools since 2013. He started as an Education Advocate working with homeless youth at 2 high schools, he then moved into the role of the Student and Family Support Coordinator for the School District where he coordinates the school district’s program for homeless students and families. He currently serves on the board of directors as the Vice-President of the Mason County HOST program and the board of the HOPE garden program. In his time in Shelton, he has focused on raising awareness among school staff and among the community about trauma informed practices and building alternatives to punitive disciplinary practices that disproportionately target low income students and students of color.

Session: Linking Theory to Practice: Evergreen's CCBLA

Portrait of Steve Fisk

Steve Fisk '82


Few people have as wide of a bandwidth as Steve Fisk. His background in analogue audio technology and synthesizers, music history, and production techniques, as well as his years in beats, looping, and programming—not to mention his two indie labels, use of “pre-surround” audio composition, and environmental work—provide a unique palate of skills to the artists and musicians he has worked with. A veteran of bands including Pell Mell, Halo Benders and Pigeonhed, Steve earned renown early on as a producer, helming sessions for many bands and musicians.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of John Ford

John Ford '97

Producer/Host, Operations Mgr.

Portrait of John Foster

John S. Foster '79

Mixx 96.1 KXXO Program Director

John S. Foster has been the program director at Mixx 96.1 KXXO, “The South Sound’s Music Mix(x),” since before the station first went on the air in 1990. A 1979 graduate of The Evergreen State College, he got his start in radio at the college’s station, KAOS, and formerly edited and published an indy music magazine, sang in a band, served in the Peace Corps in Senegal and the Solomon Islands, and worked at The Olympian. He and Dana Squires (’79) live with their youngest daughter and several pets in the Northeast Olympia neighborhood. He enjoys playing basketball, reading, listening to music (naturally), and rooting on the Seattle Storm and the Mariners.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Larry Geri

Larry Geri

Curriculum Dean

Larry Geri is a Curriculum Dean at Evergreen.  He has primarily taught in the MPA program, on a wide variety of topics.  He holds a doctorate in public administration from USC and is the co-author (with David McNabb) of Energy Policy in the US: Politics, Challenges and Prospects for Change.  In his spare time you’ll find him exploring the Cascades and Olympics with his wife Rachel Friedman.

Session: Aspiring Entrepreneurship Workshop, Launching Entrepreneurship @Evergreen

Portrait of John Goodmanson

John Goodmanson '90


Portrait of Laura Grabhorn

Laura Grabhorn

Assistant Director, Longhouse

Laura Grabhorn is a member of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. She is from the Gaanax.ádi clan, and is the youngest daughter of Pearl Peratrovich of Klawock, Alaska. Laura has been working at the Longhouse as Assistant Director since 1999. From 1994-1999, she served as a Financial Aid counselor and Director of Student Employment. Before she came to The Evergreen State College, she worked in Multicultural Affairs at Kansas State University, and was the Assistant Dean of the University Graduate School at Indiana University-Bloomington. She has a Masters Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and a B.A. in Sociology from Indiana University.

Session: Engaging with Longhouse Arts and Artists

Portrait of Amy Gould

Amy Gould

Ph.D., member of the faculty, M.P.A. graduate program

Amy Gould is a full-time continuing faculty member at Evergreen and has taught here since 2005. Originally from San Diego, CA, she earned her B.A. in Planning, Public Policy and Management from the University of Oregon, along with her M.S. in Public Affairs. While working as a public administrator in transportation in Flagstaff, AZ, she earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from Northern Arizona University. Her research and publications include topics about management and leadership, trust within public service, conformity, social differences, public policy, the Office of the U.S. President, religion, and gender studies.

Session: Convicts & Caring: Changing Paths and What Public Servants Need to Know

Portrait of Jami Heinricherr

Jami Heinricher ’91

Owner, The Sherwood Press

Jami Heinricher graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1991 with an emphasis in philosophy and history. She is owner of The Sherwood Press, an historic letterpress print shop and design studio in Olympia where she began volunteering in 1989. Jami inherited the business after 14 years of apprenticeship with founder Jocelyn Dohm. She continues today to design and print for the community while endeavoring to maintain and enhance the historic property.

Session: Hands on Fine Arts Printing Workshop

Portrait of Steven Hendricks

Steven Hendricks '97


Steven Hendricks is an Evergreen alumnus (’97) and has been a member of the Evergreen faculty since 2002. He teaches writing, literature, and book arts. His work has appeared in The Denver Quarterly (2000), Conjunctions(2001), Fold: The Reader (2002), and The Encyclopedia Project, Volume 3(Sidebrow, forthcoming). He earned his MFA in Writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. His novel, Little is Left to Tell, was first published by Starcherone Books in 2014 and is being republished now by Campanile Books.

Session: Hands on Fine Arts Printing Workshop

Portrait of Steve Herman

Steve Herman

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Steve Herman is renowned in the worlds of science and natural history. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares through teaching. Steve has inspired many aspiring student scientists to follow through with their goals. Although "retired," he continues to teach biology at The Evergreen State College.

Session: Exploring Evergreen's 1000-acre Wood

Portrait of Michael Huntsberger

Michael Huntsberger '78

Associate Professor, Linfield College

Michael Huntsberger (Ph.D., University of Oregon) has worked as a manager, producer, engineer, and consultant in commercial, educational, public, and community media since 1980. He is the author of The Emergence of Community Radio in the United States; chapters in Community Radio in the 21st Century; The Palgrave Handbook of Global Radio; Digital Radio in Europe; and The Public in Public Media; articles in the Journal of Radio & Audio Media, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, Journal of Media Education, and the Journal of Mass Media Ethics; and online content for the Public Radio News Directors Guide. His research focuses on public service media, mass media policy, and technology. He currently serves as Vice President of the Radio and Audio Media division of the Broadcast Education Association. He served as the General Manager at KAOS FM from 1981 to 2000.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Kirk Jones

Kirk Jones '93


Kirk Jones has worked with newspapers, assisted photographers at Portland's largest commercial studio, prepared custom printing for Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Hume Kennerly, and worked freelance in Asia for 5 years. He has done professional work for Chubb Security, Indovina Bank, Coke, and Foster's Beer. His images have been published on CNN.com, BonAppetit.com, NYTimes.com, and most recently for the LA Times Travel Oregon print section. Currently he is producing a series of Gigapan images of the Northwest entitled NW Collection, as well as a continuing series of John James Audobon-inspired Cannabis flower images. The subjects he is most captivated with are how people live and specifically what our environments are like: the structure of our housing and how we co-exist. Recently Kirk has been fascinated with urban farming and the community that supports it, and has made a few trips into clear-cut areas to photograph logging and loggers as they work.

Session: Seeing Beyond Your Subject: Image Composition in the Mobile Age

Portrait of Dean Katz

Dean Katz '75

Vice Chair & Chair, Committee on Alumni & Friends

Dean Katz enrolled in The Evergreen State College in 1971. Dean says enrolling in Evergreen was the best decision of his life as he was provided the tools to navigate the world as well as allowing him to build a sense of self. He graduated in 1975 as part of the first four-year class at Evergreen with an emphasis in journalism and politics.

After graduation, Dean worked as a reporter and editor for the Associated Press in 1975 and 1976 before reporting for the Seattle Times for ten years. He then worked as a publisher at the Northwest Investor before becoming a writer for senior executives at Microsoft where he also managed communication strategies. He then became president, owner, and manager of the Katz Communications Group which specialized in writing, editing, and designs for corporate and non-profit clients.

Dean is currently the Senior Communications Officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he writes speeches for senior leadership, including Bill and Melinda Gates, and the presidents of the Global Health, Global Development, and Global Policy and Advocacy divisions.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Juli Kelen

Juli Kelen

Former manager, KAOS Radio

I began as a volunteer for KAOS Radio -- and am one still! In between, I did audio projects for Evergreen College Relations, and held a job at a commercial radio station in Seattle. For 13 years -- 1998 - 2001 -- I was one of the managers of KAOS, mostly serving as Training and Operations Manager, ending as General Manager. Now retired from professional life, I pick up spare change as a musician.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Betty Kutter

Betty Kutter

Faculty Emeritus

Betty Kutter joined the Evergreen faculty in the fall of 1972, focusing her teaching primarily on programs ranging from “Human Health and Behavior” to “Molecule to Organism” and actively involved in various health-related community issues. Along with enthusiasm for Evergreen’s broadly integrated approach to teaching, she brought an NIH grant for studying the molecular biology of bacteriophages – viruses that target specific bacteria and were used to develop our understanding of DNA and the ways genes work. Hundreds of students have worked in her Phage Lab, exploring the molecular bases for the transition from host to phage metabolism after phage T4 infection of E. coli and studying phages infecting E. coli O157 from cattle and Pseudomonas from the lungs of kids with cystic fibrosis, including exploring phage infection in anaerobic and stationary-phase bacteria. In 1975, she initiated bacteriophage meetings here – her 22nd biennial Evergreen International Phage Meeting last August drew 250 participants from 50 countries, on all aspects of phage ecology, applications, molecular biology, engineering and therapeutic applications. The abstract book is attached.

Session: Progress Towards Phage Therapy in the U.S.

Portrait of Erika Lari

Erika Lari '98

Former KAOS Music Director and DJ (1998-2006)

I am one of those kids from back east who ruined Olympia and came to love it. I eventually got my Master's degree in Communication Design at the University of Arts in London and worked as a graphic designer for the last 12 years. This year, I pivoted to owner of downtown Olympia staple, Hot Toddy. I love Olympia. Traveling. Cats. And music. I LOVE music.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Elizabeth Lord

Elizabeth Lord '95

Co-Founder, StoryOly

Elizabeth Lord fell in love and grew a passion for oral storytelling and traditional folktales while studying at Evergreen and earned a degree in Folklore and Theater in 1995. She joined the Olympia Storyteller's Guild in 1992 (now known as the South Sound Storytelling Guild) and in 1996 began storytelling professionally. Since then she has performed for numerous organizations and groups both public and private throughout Western Washington. She is one of the hosts of Olympia's popular monthly storytelling event, StoryOly, where community members come together to share, compete and tell true stories based on a monthly theme.

Session: Speak Out: Explore the Art of Storytelling

Portrait of Keylee Marineau

Keylee Marineau '04

Community Youth Services

Portrait of David Marr

David Marr

Emeritus Faculty

By training, David Marr is an American intellectual historian, but since joining the Evergreen faculty in 1971, he has broadened and sharpened his interests by teaching with thirty-five different colleagues in the arts, sciences, and social sciences. David retired from teaching in 2011 with a conviction that just as students are ignorant by definition, teachers are made newly ignorant by their training - and the best teachers he has known share that conviction. He and his wife Susan met in high school in Clinton, Iowa. They have been married fifty-five years, and have three daughters and three grandchildren. Susan gardens and reads novels about the Tudors; David reads books on the origins of Europe in the Barbarians’ conquest of the Roman Empire, and since Ferguson, on historical justifications for reparations.

Session: Evergreen in the First Year: Stories, Rumors, Myth, Fact and Magic

Portrait of Brooks Martin

Brooks Martin '97


Brooks Martin ('97) lives with his wife Mindy ('95) and their two children. Brooks was part of the early 90s performance space collective, The UnCola, before starting at Evergreen in 1994. He was KAOS Music Director From 1995-96 and Production Manager from 1996-97. Brooks hosted Artichoke for many years, hosted other KAOS shows (Bedbugs and Free Things Are Cool) and produced live music on several more. He co-produced a live music and comedy show called Off-Day in 1996 for satellite distribution. He also co-produced KAOS Theory (1997), a CD compilation of live-on-air performances that K Records distributed. Brooks was featured in the documentary Jandek on Corwood (2003). He has worked for Music 6000 for twenty years. Brooks stays very busy with his family and various side endeavors as a photographer, musician (Diplomatic Immunity, Wonder Woman, That Stupid Club, Martin Way, The DSM V), videographer, sound engineer (King Dinosaur, The Mountain Goats, Super-Duo, Yo-Yo-A-Go-Go), archivist, and artist.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Kimberly Mays

Kimberly Mays, MPA '10

Manager, Family Stability Initiatives, United Way of Pierce County

Kimberly Mays is a contracted Social Worker with the Washington State Office of Public Defense (OPD), Parents Representation Program. She earned her B.A. degree at Evergreen's Tacoma campus, and her MP.A. degree in 2010. Kimberly is a parent who has turned her incarcerations and child welfare history, and higher education, into a passionate mission to influence better policies for children and families involved in both systems. Kimberly was arrested almost 50 times, has 23 felonies, and lost parental rights to nine children through child welfare. Kimberly earned an A.A. degree in Human Services, a B.A. degree in Public Policy and a M.P.A. degree—all earned in 5 ½ years. Kimberly led the creation of the King County Parents for Parents Program (P4P) model, which was passed into law as the State Model, in 2015. Kimberly is a leading expert in child welfare, serving on local, state, and national policy tables to help improve outcomes of children and families. She also mentors incarcerated parents and speaks at prisons in our state. Kimberly is raising her 10th child, and miraculously reunited with eight of the nine children she previously lost.

Session: Convicts & Caring: Changing Paths and What Public Servants Need to Know

Portrait of Stacy Mears

Stacy Mears, parent of McKenna, Class of '21

Parent and Family Advisory Council Co-chair

Portrait of Tanner Milliren

Tanner Milliren '14

Sustainable Builder and Small Business Owner

Tanner began building at a young age, working with his father in a small town. He came to Evergreen for wood shop and after graduating proceeded to build sustainable and eco-friendly tiny homes. He believes building is an intimate process, like therapy. To build is to see the value in what you have accomplished throughout the day reflected in your work - at the end of the day you can see what you have accomplished.

Session: Sustainable Living in the Northwest

Portrait of Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan

Director of Sustainability

Scott Morgan is the Director of Sustainability for The Evergreen State College. Evergreen’s Office of Sustainability coordinates and guides on-campus sustainability efforts as well as institutional collaborations with community-based groups. Scott has worked in agriculture and private industry, founded and managed a small non-profit, and has spent the past few years immersed in the public sector. This diverse set of perspectives informs his recognition that long-term sustainability will require a dynamic harmony between environmental, social, and economic health. In particular, poor people and poor communities struggle to plan and set aside resources for the future, while sustainability work is all about planning for a productive future. We must include economic activities in our sustainability work. Among his many projects, Scott currently supports efforts to develop and support sustainable business practices to strengthen our local economy.

Session: Aspiring Entrepreneurship Workshop, Launching Entrepreneurship @Evergreen

Portrait of Corey Mosesly

Corey Mosesly '11

Manager, Family Stability Initiatives, United Way of Pierce County

Corey has over 10 years of experience working in both the non-profit and government sectors. He has worked with organizations on a broad range of issues including education, housing, and workforce development. He currently serves on the City of Tacoma's Human Service Commission and Vision 2025 Advisory Committee, the American Leadership Forum Program Committee, and the Puyallup Watershed Initiative. Over the last few years, Corey has provided consulting services for the City of Tacoma's Neighborhood Council Program, Neighborhood Business District Program, and more recently to several of the independently run Neighborhood Councils. Corey was one of the Business Examiner's 2014 annual "40 Under Forty" community and business leaders. He is a long-time member of the Pierce County Black Collective, a Palmer Scholar, and a Senior Fellow (class 18) of the American Leadership Forum. He has a Master of Public Administration degree from Evergreen State College with a concentration in non-profit management. Corey currently works as the Manager of Family Stability Initiatives for United Way of Pierce County and lives with his wife and three boys in Tacoma's Central Neighborhood.

Session: Convicts & Caring: Changing Paths and What Public Servants Need to Know, Engaging in Local Politics: An Interactive Community Conversation

Portrait of Michelle Noel

Michelle Noel '99

former KAOS Music Director, host of What’s New Pussycat? and Color Outside the Lines, Yoyo a Go Go and Ladyfest organizer, Olympia Food Coop’s American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional

Michelle began attending punk shows and volunteering at Community World Theater Tacoma in ’87. After moving to Olympia in ’89 to attend Evergreen, she quickly became part of that scene, including becoming one of the original riot grrrls. Besides DJing and organizing many shows around Olympia, including the Yoyo A Go Go festivals, Michelle also hosted a radio show on KAOS for 12 years.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Catalina Ocampo

Catalina Ocampo

Faculty, Latin American Studies

Catalina Ocampo is a Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Brown University and before coming to Evergreen was a Program Coordinator for the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University, and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Puget Sound. This is Catalina’s fifth year teaching at Evergreen, where she regularly teaches programs that include Spanish language, Latin American Literature and community-based learning. She helps organize a bi-yearly study abroad program in Mexico and Nicaragua for Evergreen students and collaborates regularly with the Latinx youth support organization Proyecto MoLE in Tacoma. She also serves on the Latinx Standing Committee for the Recruitment and Retention of Latinx Students, Faculty and Staff, the Undocumented Student Task Force, and the CCBLA Advisory Board, and is passionate about developing better forms of support for Latinx students at Evergreen and beyond.

Session: Linking Theory to Practice: Evergreen's CCBLA, Supporting Undocumented Students: Equity and Action

Portrait of Bruce Pavitt

Bruce Pavitt '81

former host of Subterranean Pop on KAOS, Subterranean Pop zine, founder of Sub Pop Records, writer/photographer (Sub Pop USA: The Subterranean Pop Music Anthology 1980-1988; Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989), Creative Director of 8Stem

Bruce Pavitt is a music historian, DJ and the founder of Seattle’s Sub Pop record label. A legend in the music industry, he is recognized in music history books, documentaries and museum exhibits. Bruce currently works as Creative Director at 8Stem interactive media in Seattle, and is the author of Experiencing Nirvana and Sub Pop USA.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Paul Pearson

Paul Pearson '95

former KAOS Music Director, host of Shrug Festival, music blogger, host of Startime on Rainier Avenue Radio, podcaster (Talking About Thinking About Records), audio engineer, musician (Rodeo Kill, Wonder Woman)

Paul Pearson is a writer, online radio personality and musician based in Seattle. His music writing has appeared in The Seattle Times, The Strangerand Treble. Paul currently produces and hosts the R&B history program Star Time for RainierAvenueRadio.World, and is one of three co-hosts of the new podcast Talking About Thinking About Records. Paul has interviewed more than 200 music artists for traditional media and Microsoft Zune’s video podcast The Green Room. Paul was music co-director for KAOS in 1994-95, and also produced the music variety show Shrug Festival in 1994-95 and 2000-2005. Paul is currently a freelance writer for the music, business tech and real estate industries. He lives in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood with his wife and three children.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Steve Peters

Steve Peters '85

Former KAOS Managing Director

Steve Peters is an independent composer and sound artist living in Seattle. His most recent project was a large work for location recordings and live improvisers based on family history in the Azores Islands of Portugal. Since 1989 he has been the Director of Nonsequitur, a non-profit organization founded by Evergreen/KAOS alumnus Jonathan Scheuer, presenting experimental music events at the Good Shepherd Center Chapel in Wallingford.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Miguel Pineda '08

Miguel Pineda '08

Community Outreach Coordinator, Sidewalk

Miguel T. Pineda was born in Olympia, Washington, where he enjoyed the love of his two Mexicano-Americano parents and older brother growing up. He attended Tumwater High School and was a stand out Track and Cross-Country runner at the State Level. He attended Evergreen on a Track and Cross-Country Scholarship and studied Political Science and Economics. As a student, he was a coordinator of MEChA-Evergreen while working two other jobs. Since graduating in 2008, he has worked at credit unions and toured professionally, playing music with several groups, while fulfilling his acting career. Miguel has been the Community Outreach Coordinator for SideWalk, a local non-profit working to end homelessness in Thurston County. He is a partner at the New Providence Community Care Center in Downtown Olympia. Miguel will also lead a workshop at the Inland Conference for The Greater Good in Spokane, focusing on Volunteer Recruitment for non-profits across the state.

Session: Linking Theory to Practice: Evergreen's CCBLA

Portrait of Alex R. Puckett

Alex R. Puckett


Poetic, also known as Alex R. Puckett, is a spoken-word artist rapper and author with an extensive background in performance and songwriting. He published his first book in 2013, A Thousand Words, and performed for renowned poet Nikki Giovanni. He is currently working on a debut album which has an unspecified release date. Alex studies English and creative writing at The Evergreen State College. He hopes to transform societal norms as well as bless the world through his art, and his aspiration in life is to be the best at what he does - which is educating through music.


Portrait of Tom Rainey

Tom Rainey

Faculty Emeritus

Thomas Rainey has been married to Nina Carter, a double Evergreen graduate, for 33 years. He has two daughters, two grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, who call him "Great Daddy." A seventh-generation Floridian, Tom proudly served in the U. S. Navy from 1954-59, a key formative experience in his life. He earned a BA in History from the University of Florida, where he was elected Phi Beta Kappa; he has a MA and Ph.D. in History from the University of Illinois, with Certificate in Russian and East European Studies. Tom served as a member of the faculty at The Evergreen State College from 1972-2000, and became Faculty Emeritus in 2000. Tom styles himself as a “failed retiree;" he still primarily teaches Russian and Eurasian Studies in Evergreen's Evening and Weekend Studies programs. He has taken almost twenty-five study or research trips to Russia and Siberia, often with Evergreen students. He has two monographs and many articles in popular and scholarly journals on Russian history and culture, most recently dealing with Russian and Siberian environmental history and problems.

Crackers in Paradise: Memories and Stories of a Florida Family; unpublished is a finished interdisciplinary monograph on Anton Chekhov and landscape artist Issak Levitan, entitled Witnesses to a Vanishing Russia. Soon he hopes to publish his lectures and essays on Russia and a monograph on the environmental history of the middle basin of the Volga River entitled Farewell to Mother Volga. His favorite spectator sport is American politics and world geopolitics between the three major emerging superpowers of the twenty-first century. His teaching philosophy is simple—set academic standards and expectations high and then help his students to meet them. His favorite quotes: "History is not was, history is." (Attributed to William Faulkner) and “History does not repeat, but it does instruct.” (Timothy Snyder, Historian)

Session: Making Russia Great Again

Portrait of Ryan Richardson

Ryan Richardson

Lab Manager at Photoland

Ryan is currently the Photo Lab Manager at The Evergreen State College. Most of Ryan’s current photographic work is outdoor life and adventure-based photography and video, but he did spend several years doing studio photography for Steelcase Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI. When he is not out photographing he can be found riding his mountain bike or surfing various locations in Washington and Oregon. He stays in shape and loses many hours of sleep chasing his active three-year-old and one-and-a-half-year-old boys.

Session: Seeing Beyond Your Subject: Image Composition in the Mobile Age

Portrait of Kristen Rubis

Kristen Rubis '01

Executive Director of Empowerment 4 Girls

Kristen Rubis, Executive Director of Empowerment 4 Girls, has been dedicated to a path of service for nearly two decades with her healing arts business encompassing massage, yoga, sound healing, and maternity support. A graduate of The Evergreen State College, Kristen has focused on alternative education and childhood development, teaching her gift for harmonious wellness to people of all ages. Kristen brings her own self-empowerment and self-healing into her work, her practice and her relationships. Seeing her path of service as a resource for her community, Kristen is deeply committed to empowering others to do the same.

Session: Healing with Yoga and Sound

Portrait of Ellen Shortt Sanchez

Ellen Shortt Sanchez '92, MPA '10

Director, Center for Community Based Learning and Action

Ellen Shortt Sanchez is the director of the Center for Community Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) at The Evergreen State College. CCBLA is a public service center that builds community based learning into the curriculum and involves students in grassroots organizations to meet community needs. The CCBLA is the home to Gateways for Incarcerated Youth. Ellen lives in Mason County and has a background in popular education, literacy work with immigrant learners and with incarcerated adults.

Session: Linking Theory to Practice: Evergreen's CCBLA

Portrait of Sam Schrager

Sam Schrager

Emeritus Faculty

A long stint recording oral history in North Idaho led Sam Schrager to receive graduate training as a folklorist. He then went on to study trial lawyers for the Smithsonian and wrote an ethnography, The Trial Lawyer’s Art. Sam has taught at The Evergreen State College since 1988. He considers Evergreen to be a great setting to explore the power of stories in everyday life with students. Essays from one such fieldwork seminar have appeared in Writing American Cultures: Studies of Identity, Community, and Place (The Evergreen State College Press). Sam owes a great debt to colleagues (three of whom are on this panel) for collaborations that have expanded how he and our students think. Sam has now come around full-circle: teaching post-retirement, guiding the Evergreen Oral History Project, and writing—a book of Idaho oral history from that long-ago research.

Session: Evergreen in the First Year: Stories, Rumors, Myth, Fact and Magic

Portrait of Cheryl Selby

Cheryl Selby

Mayor of Olympia

Cheryl Selby was elected to Olympia City Council positon 4 for a four-year term in November 2013. In November 2015, she was elected to a four-year term as Mayor. Her term ends December 31, 2019.Selby grew up in the Seattle area and moved her young family to Olympia in 1994 seeking the advantages of smaller community with a strong public school district.When Selby first moved to Olympia, she worked with the Parks, Arts and Recreation department for two years. She volunteered in the Olympia School District as an Art Partner, PTA President, Levy Campaign volunteer, and eventually co-chaired the successful 2003 Bond Campaign, which all contributed to her desire to strengthen and build communications in her community.

Also in 2003, Selby started working in the Probation Services Department of the City of Olympia, directing both the Safe and Sober Driving Program and the Thurston County Safe Kids Coalition. Selby has previously served on boards for Sidewalk, the Thurston County Chamber, the Parking Business Improvement Area, Olympia Artspace Alliance, the Olympia Downtown Association and the Thurston County Boys and Girls Club as well as numerous other non-profit boards over the last 25 years.

In addition to her efforts to make Olympia one of the great American Capital cities, Cheryl also enjoys spending time with husband Jeff, her daughters Marta and Gretchen and her Labradoodles Nellie and Boo.

Session: Launching Entrepreneurship @Evergreen

Portrait of Dana Squires

Dana Squires '79


Portrait of Nancy Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Emeritus Faculty

Nancy Taylor was one of the few Washingtonians hired by Evergreen for the very first year of classes. She was raised in Kent, and all of her grandparents arrived in Washington in the 1880s. She received her academic degrees in History and Education from Stanford, but got her true education during her 38 years at Evergreen. In 1970, after teaching in high school and working for an educational TV station in Boston, Nancy was hired to be the Admissions Counselor for The Evergreen State College and traveled the state with the planning faculty, recruiting our first students. Once the students arrived, she joined the faculty to teach in the Human Development Program. Since then, Nancy has taught with fifty colleagues in twenty-six Coordinated Studies Programs such as: Democracy and Tyranny, Shakespeare, Making American Selves, Victorian England, Modern Japan, and Enduring Stories. She has also taught in Japan and China on exchange, served for one year as a Faculty Reference Librarian, served three years as an Academic Dean, and pursued research into the lives of 17th century English women through their private letters, culminating in a book published in 2003.

Session: Evergreen in the First Year: Stories, Rumors, Myth, Fact and Magic

Portrait of Ernest L. Thomas

Ernest L. Thomas

Senior Advisor to the President

September 1972, Dr. Ernest L. Thomas began his career in higher learning. His first professional position was Recruiter and Advisor for the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) at Central Washington State College in Ellensburg, Washington. He also served as a lecturer in the Sociology Department.

As a first generation learner, Dr. Thomas is passionate about supporting the access and transition of first generation learners into higher learning. In 1973, this passion led to writing and successfully procuring an Upward Bound grant. For 40 years, Dr. Thomas diligently supported first generation learners in a number of roles including Coordinator of Upward Bound, Director of Educational Support Programs and Dean of Student Development, Vice President of Student Development and Campus President. In 2011 Dr. Thomas retired as Campus President from Tarrant County College South Campus. In tandem with his administrative appointments, Dr. Thomas served as an adjunct faculty for 12 years at The Evergreen State College. Dr. Thomas firmly believes in the reciprocal value between higher learning institutions and the communities that support these learning organizations. He has served on numerous civic and business related boards. However, his preferred means of serving the community is through community based program development for young people, parents and families. He never turns down an opportunity to speak to diverse audiences on the importance of continuous learning, leadership and legacy development, and self-empowerment.

Session: Evergreen in the First Year: Stories, Rumors, Myth, Fact and Magic

Portrait of Angela Vargas

Angela Vargas

Project Coordinator at the Washington State School for the Blind

Angela Vargas’ story is a highlight of the IF Project film. She is the Project Coordinator at the Washington State School for the Blind, where she produces and translates B  books and educational material into Braille to be used nationwide by the visually impaired. A certified Braille transcriber from the Library of Congress, Angela has a certificate in Human Services from Tacoma Community College, where she was acknowledged for her accomplishments with the school. Her life experience and transformational story garnered her an invitation to give a speech at the Prison Braille Forum of Louisville, Kentucky in 2014. She is passionate about helping juveniles headed down the wrong path and mentoring justice-involved adults who are really willing to change the path they were on. Angela Vargas is a resilient and goal-oriented achiever who truly believes that people can and do change if they are determined and willing to make the change.

Session: Convicts & Caring: Changing Paths and What Public Servants Need to Know

Portrait of Gary Wessels-Galbreath

Gary Wessels-Galbreath '85 Native American Studies Program


Gary Wessels-Galbreath is an artist, Bulk Foods Buyer for the Olympia Food Co-op for 20 years. Volunteer at Evergreen: KAOS - 31 years, First Peoples Advising Services

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

Portrait of Shannon Wiberg

Shannon Wiberg '97


Shannon Wiberg (aka “DJ Action Slacks”) hails from the MIGHTY Mid-West where she grew up on a healthy dose of Minneapolis funk, Motown, and Chicago soul. In 1994 she migrated to Olympia where at Evergreen she continued her formal education on the history of soul music, focusing on its connection to the fight for social justice.

In 1996 Wiberg began hosting a weekly KAOS radio program "Soul Kitchen." During its nine-year run, Soul Kitchen stayed dedicated to the mission of fostering a greater appreciation of soul music and the pioneering artists who made the music.

At the turn of the millennium, she turned her attention to the dance floor. She's established multiple popular recurring dance party events in Portland combining social activism, fundraising, community building, cultural preservation, and fun.

Though Wiberg has worked in multiple arms of the music industry, she feels most comfortable behind two turntables and a microphone.

Session: KAOS Radio: An Independent Legacy

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