Building homes from tiny houses: students tour Quixote Village

The Tinny Homes of Quixote Village

A warm day in late June found groups of students being led around a village of two lines of 15 tiny homes on either side. Seven years ago, Quixote Village was a moving camp for people experiencing homelessness, hosted for 90-day stretches by volunteering churches in the community. The 5 week summer class at Evergreen, Tiny Homes, Earthships, and other Innovative Buildings: Design Principles for Low-impact Homes, taught by faculty member Scott Morgan, was looking at how that camp became tiny houses, and how those tiny houses became homes.

MPA student accepts teaching position at Inner Mongolia University

Inner Mongolia

Congratulations to MPA student Jason Zimmerman! 

Jason answered a posting on our MPA Program’s LinkedIn jobs page, applied, and was selected by St. Martin’s University to teach English at the Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. Jason is developing a three-week curriculum focused on conversational English for approximately 100 business students. Larry Seaquist (adjunct faculty in MPA and former WA State Representative) will join Jason for the last week. 

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Fungi, Microsites, and Forbes: My Second Year in the MES Program


Hi, I’m John, lover of the natural world – especially fungi. Here is the story of my second year in the MES, enjoy!

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