Live Video Streams

We are not currently streaming any live video events.

The Evergreen State College is committed to the safety and security of its students, faculty, staff and visitors. To support this effort, Evergreen has adopted the following workplace violence policy:

The Evergreen State College will not tolerate violent or threatening behavior directed at students, faculty, staff, visitors, oneself or property. This includes any acts of violence, harassment or threats made on Evergreen property, or at Evergreen sponsored events; and refers to acts or threats of violence made directly or indirectly, by words or gestures or symbols.


The Whistleblower Act, RCW 42.40, was enacted to encourage employees of the state of Washington to report improper governmental actions to the Office of the State Auditor. In order to receive full protection under RCW 42.40, employees must report improper actions to the Office of the State Auditor.

WAC 174-136-043 Weapons Prohibited.

(1)   Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapon is prohibited on the college campus, college owned property, and at college sponsored events, unless prior written approval has been obtained consistent with subsection (6).

(2)   Firearm means a weapon or device from which a projectile or projectiles may be fired by an explosive such as gunpowder, whether loaded or unloaded.

WAC 174-136-043 Weapons prohibited. (1) Possession, display, storage, wearing, or use of firearms, explosives (including fireworks), dangerous chemicals or other weapons are prohibited on the college campus, college-owned property, college-approved housing, and at college-sponsored events, unless prior written approval has been obtained consistent with subsection (6) of this section.

Use of TESC Talk and TESC Crier

The Evergreen State College supports civil public dialog. In addition, the College recognizes the need to use technological resources appropriately, in keeping with the College mission and state law, and to best serve the college community.

In particular, the forums TESCTalk and TESCCrier, as well as any email from the address, are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the TESC Talk/TESC Crier User Guide

General Policy

This policy regarding the use of human subjects recognizes the responsibility to protect the rights, well-being and personal privacy of individuals, to assure a favorable climate for the conduct of academic-oriented inquiry and to protect the interests of The Evergreen State College. The following practices and procedures have been established for the conduct of activities involving human subjects.

Practices and Procedures