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Fungi, Microsites, and Forbes: My Second Year in the MES Program


Hi, I’m John, lover of the natural world – especially fungi. Here is the story of my second year in the MES, enjoy!

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Illustrating the ethics of comics

Hollandsworth at Olympia's The Danger Room

Isaac Hollandsworth ’20 sat next to a window on the third floor of the Evergreen library expressing his love for comics. He has worked at the local comics shop, The Danger Room, for about a year now, after what he called “loitering” in the shop for the year prior to his hiring. Hollandsworth has also taken a leadership role in The Graphic Novel Union, an on-campus club where he promotes ideas of making comics accessible to Evergreen students.

Native American Women Standing Strong for Justice

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Native American women have been erased from history. It is not that they did not exist; it is that they were made invisible

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