Resources for Time Awareness

Time Management Resources

Daily Activities, Notes and Plans? Easy With Google Calendar!

Google has a free online calendar system you can use to track your daily activities and plans. One of the most well known free time management tools available online.  Its online so easily accessible. Can be accessed by any computer and you can integrate it with your gmail account if you have one.

Online Stopwatch

A big giant online stopwatch and countdown clock.   It is basically a timer you can use to track what you are doing. Because it is free and online, it is easy to access if you are on the internet a lot.

Track Everything in One Place Online: Toodledo

Online place where you can track your to-do lists, add notes etc. If something happens to your computer, you wont lose your data in toodledo because it is stored online. Same applies if you are traveling but not taking a computer - easy access to all your information.  It's free, try it out and see what you think. You can upgrade to a paid service if you want as well.

Helps Prevent Time Wasting Online: Leechblock Extension for Firefox

Used to block certain websites for set periods of time. You choose what websites to block, when and for how long. This means you can block all the websites that you waste time on, either permanently or for a set period of time. You may decide to "block yourself" from facebook while you are working online for example. Good to help create some boundaries - and any time you try to open a blocked site you will be sharply reminded that you are wasting time online once again. Give it a go if you suspect you have a bit of an internet addiction!

Time Management for Students

An awesome theory and plan for time management. 

Time Management Handouts

Amazing lists of online resources for time management ideas and help from Seattle Pacific University.