First Peoples Advising

First Peoples Community

Organizations coordinated by students of color for students of color, Evergreen's student organizations are valuable sources of cultural enrichment, personal growth, lasting friendships and solidarity.

Each year, these student groups could not exist without the hard work and dedication of the students. It is up to the students to keep each of the groups running for future students to come.  Even if it's your first year, you can choose to become a coordinator for a student group.

At Evergreen, student organizations are more than just clubs or social alliances. They provide cultural, educational, recreational, and spiritual services to students. Students working with First Peoples student organizations conduct important work against racism and harassment and help the entire community understand, welcome and honor diversity.

These organizations produce cross-cultural events, bring speakers, films and entertainment to the community, sponsor conferences, and play an integral role in promoting  the college's goals of enhancing cultural diversity and student empowerment.

For more information on any of these groups, and to find more contact links, please visit the Student Groups website.

Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC): Resource for Intercultural Community Enrichment

A Resource for Intercultural Community Enrichment


We are a resource for students who want to explore identity.
We’re here to create a safe and supportive environment for people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent to bring up issues that wouldn’t otherwise be recognized in the dominant culture.
We are not experts, but we are all here to learn.
We are here to build community.
We want to celebrate our allies, and to be allies to other groups and people, and to build solidarity with other student groups and movements.
We want to take the time to honor our ancestors, parents, and those who came before us.
We want to take the time to recognize and study colonization in Asia and the Pacific Islands and decolonize our own minds.
We are here to celebrate our cultures, including the cultures we reclaim and create today.

We are: food lovers, artists, chinese, japanese, vietnamese, filipino, indonesian, indian, nepali, laotian, samoan, chamorro, mixed race, first, second, third, and fourth generations, queer, borderline/hyphenated identities, students, teachers, mentors, learners, philosophers, growing, dancers, singers, musicians, cooks, complex - apparently, lovers, rebels, wonderers, AND WE MAY OR MAY NOT BE GOOD AT MATH, just like every other person.

For more information, go to their websiteTumblr, or send an email.

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to provide unity amongst those who identify with Black Peoples, while engaging with the Evergreen community through cultural, educational, and entertaining activities.

Evergreen State College Hip Hop Congress

The Evergreen State College Hip Hop Congress is an on-campus student group dedicated to the using and exposure of hip hop and hip hop culture as a forum and tool for social, economic, and political change. Within the Olympia community, Evergreen Hip Hop Congress opens doors to a variety of events, discussions, and connections that we as a group, promote and facilitate.

For Racial Justice

For Racial Justice (ForRJ) is a group seeking to confront racism at the Evergreen State College, and our wider community. We wish to assist other campus groups with anti-racist actions, host spaces to address racial privilege, and acknowledge intersecting forms of oppression. ForRJ also looks to celebrate the human diversity overshadowed by racial categories, including cultures and ancestries obscured under the notion of whiteness. Through creative expression and anti-racist education, we aspire to work toward collective liberation.

MEXA: Movimento Estudiantil Xican@ de Aztlan

Movimento Estudiantil Xican@ de Aztlan (MEXA) is a student organization that promotes higher education, cultura, and historia. MEXA de Evergreen strives to expand the definition of xicanismo to encompass the struggle of everyone who relates to la causa regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. MEXA de Evergreen is committed to the liberation of neustra raza’s minds, bodies, and souls through educational, economic, and political empowerment. MEXA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people. We believe that political involvement and education is the avenue for change in our society. MEXA de Evergreen is also committed to educating our gente on subjects of gender and sexuality and ensuring equality within the movimiento.

The Native Student Alliance

The Native Student Alliance (NSA) is committed to building positive relationships among Native and non-Native communities by hosting cultural events. NSA is an inter-tribal organization that brings awareness to Indigenous issues in and outside of the Evergreen community. We strive to support our members and promote a welcoming community environment that respects our varying backgrounds while encouraging our efforts in social activism.

For more information, send an email or check out our Facebook page.

Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

Queer & Trans People of Color work to create a space for people who align w/ a QTPOC identity to come together and build community. We do so through holding space to dialogue & process about topics that affect our community. We strive to create visibility for ourselves.

Womyn of Color Coalition (WOCC)

WOCC is a community hub dedicated to creating a safe space for women of color.  We collaborate with campus and community groups in order to organize gatherings, forums, performances, and events.  We strive to educate and empower the women in our communities by honoring our unique experiences and celebrating our cultural ties.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page.