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Our professional team and our awesome Peer Advisors look forward to assisting you. Please feel free to contact us!

Rashida LoveRashida Love, Director

Email: Rashida Love
Phone: 360-867-6394
Location: Library Building, Rm 2137

I have worked in student affairs for nine years, five of which have been at Evergreen. I am originally from CA but have lived and worked in several states around the country. I received both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. I have always enjoyed my work with students, but feel that  I am learning and  interacting with the students and staff in First Peoples in more complex and interesting ways than in the past. Stop by and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

Raquel Salinas

Raquel Salinas, Coordinator of Student Support Programs
Email: Raquel Salinas
Phone: 360-867-6462
Location: Library Building, Rm 2135

I was born in a land of cracked earth, relentless heat and giant mosquitoes aka Texas. I earned my Masters Degree in Teaching and have worked for TESC since 1987 when I started attending as a student. I love reading, painting, singing and talking to nice people. I have been learning and teaching issues of equity and anti-racism for over 25 years and I learn something new everyday. I have served as the Coordinator for Student Support programs for the office of First Peoples Advising  Services since 1997 where I get to supervise the Peer advisor program (and work with wonderfully talented amazing students and staff) and help coordinate a variety of amazing events. I live in Olympia with my partner (of 25 wonderful & amazing years).  I  love the rain, the ocean, magic, trees, rocks, glitter, peace and kindness and almost everything silly. But like Chupacabras and Bigfoot I am super camera shy. Please stop by the office I would love to meet you in person!

Jackie McClenny

Jackie McClenny, Office Assistant
Email: Jackie McClenny
Phone: 360-867-6284
Location: Library Building, Rm 2126

Jackie McClenny joined First Peoples Advising Services in the Fall of 2013, and has lived in Washington since 2012. She and her fiancé enjoy exploring Olympia and the surrounding natural areas. She attended the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Kansas.

Hannah Geason

Arianne Aquino

Arianne Aquino is a sophomore/junior born in the Philippines, who moved thereafter to Los Angeles in the third grade. Before this current school year, Arianne took a year off to volunteer with AmeriCorps. At Garfield Elementary here in Olympia, she conducted academic and social interventions with the youths in the Kindergartners and 2nd grade. Her current passions and academic interests are Eco-Feminism, Sustainability,;Asian-American Studies,Public Health, Humanitarian Issues and International Studies. She enjoys cooking and is out to try and learn to cook more traditional Filipino foods with the resources available here in Olympia. She often daydreams about outlandish aspirations that she hopes to fulfill someday or some way or another; volunteer for the Peace Corps, maybe Doctors Without Borders, work for the UN, be the next Surgeon General of the US, travel the Santiago de Compostela, go to the Basque Region, study in a samba school in Brazil, research in the Philippines, do conversation work there as well and etc... She is currently enrolled in Intro To Natural Science so dont be surprised if you see her around campus looking depressed, stressed but possibly well-dressed. She will also try to be as involved as she can with the Asian Pacific-Islander Coalition on campus. So say hi because she enjoys meeting new people or just come by the unity lounge where they might be working or studying.

Dre AvilaDre Avila

My name is Dre Avila and I am a Peer Support Advisor at First Peoples Advising. I've taken a step back from coordinating a student group to focus on learning more Spanish for my program Andean Roots and our subsequent traveling abroad to Peru. I came to Evergreen as a non-traditional student with a few years of experience in my chosen field of restoration ecology, and it gave me focus and perspective for what I wanted to accomplish while in school. I am particularly passionate about the field of Urban Planning and how it can be used to create long-term equity. Also, I make a fine vegan tamale.

Mia Drescher

Mi! Hello, my name is Mia Drescher and I am currently working through my second year at Evergreen and a member of the Native Student Alliance, as well as beginning my adventure as a peer advisor with First Peoples Multicultural Advising! I have resided in Washington for about eight years, but I originally hail from Southern California, and I identify as mixed-race with my indigenous roots as Tongva, from the Los Angeles Basin, and white. I am deeply passionate about social justice and gender/ identity matters- particularly decolonization mindfulness, indigenous activism, and intersectional feminism. So come on down to First People’s so I can swoon you with my quick wit, overbearing sarcasm, and near-obsession with astrology & Quentin Tarantino movies. I look forward to meeting you!

Hannah GeasonHannah Geason

Hi! I’m Hannah Geason and I’m very excited to be working as a Peer Advisor here at FPMAS. I grew up in Portland and transferred here last year as a junior after attending a few colleges. My studies are centered on environmental history, cultural anthropology, and botany. Sophomore year, I was involved as a mentor in a middle school academic achievement program designed for students of color. I’m passionate about representation in media, community farming projects, and current public school curriculum. I love plants, board games, exploring the forest, arts and crafts, and tea! I rejoice to work at such a welcoming and informative center on campus. 

Noah GokulNoah Gokul

Noah Gokul is a mixed race Guyanese-Indian and White student with a passion for Music, Media Arts, Therapy, and Social Justice Advocacy. He grew up in Oakland, California, a place rich with creativity, inspiration, progressivism, and multiculturalism. Noah’s interests in music include music therapy, rap and spoken word, sound engineering, and other forms of media arts. He feels compelled to explore aspects of identity, specifically with bi-racial and mixed people of color.

Malaika HalleyMalaika Halley

Malaika Halley is a senior at The Evergreen State College and absolutely loves working with First Peoples’ Multicultural center. Coming from a small town in the Midwest, Malaika grew up in a supportive multicultural bubble of love, where communication and respect were key values that kept the flow of the community open and sustainable. She joined First Peoples’ as an opportunity to advise, work, and learn within Evergreen’s diverse community. Bridging borders and leading conversations that advocate social and environmental justice keeps her fire alive and pushes her to continue to grow. Stop by the unity lounge to say hello on Mondays and Thursdays! 

Dylan Macardican

Dylan Macardican

Hello Folks,
My name is Dylan Macardican I am Native American and Armenian and you can call me Dylan or Mac it’s whichever one you remember when you come in and say “Hi”. I grew up in Southern California where I was active in sports, Mock Trial, and choir. I came to Evergreen straight out of High School hoping to start a career as an American History teacher with an emphasis on Indigenous Studies when I graduate. I am an active member of the Native Student Alliance on campus. I look forward to seeing you in the Unity Lounge sometime soon.

Forever Moon

Forever Moon

Salutations, I’m Forever Moon. On my educational journey I attended Portland Community College (PCC) and received My Associate of Arts Degree. I've worked with the non-profit Cascade AIDS Project where I was a peer educator teaching about HIV/AIDS and other sexual education topics to local high schools and community classes. Also while attending PCC I worked as a peer advisor at the Women’s Resource Center. I am passionate about helping and educating people as well as advocating for students and finding resources to help them on their journey. Working with First Peoples Advising will allow me to do that and much more.

Maira Ramirez

Maira Ramirez

I am a second year student at Evergreen after transferring from a traditional University. I’m a brown and proud Chicana feminist heavily involved in the student group MEXA, I’m also in the committee for The Presidents Diversity Fund and a Peer Adviser at First People’s. I enjoy learning about sociology, cultures, social justice, art and Indigenous history. I believe having a community is super important for students to stay motivated and enjoy college. One of the reasons I love First Peoples Multicultural Advising is because it makes it easier to find a community, everyone is super friendly, welcoming and willing to help each other. Come to the Unity Lounge and talk to me about food, politics, school and anything else.

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