Race and Diversity Resources

Resources for Learning about Anti Oppression and Teaching about Race in the Classroom

Office of Equity and Inclusion at The Evergreen State College

Multicultural Awareness Activities

Books, Plays and Articles

Adams, Maurianne, Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice

Fox, Helen, When Race Breaks Out (Higher ed: Questions about the Purpose(s) of Colleges & Universities)

hooks, bell, Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom

hooks, bell, Where We Stand: Class Matters

Johnson, Allan G, Privilege, Power, and Difference

Jun, Heesoon,  Social Justice, Multicultural Counseling, and Practice: Beyond a Conventional Approach

Kendall, Frances, E, Understanding White Privilege: Creating Pathways to Authentic Relationships across Race (Teaching/Learning Social Justice)

Kivel, Paul, Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice

Nieto, Leticia, Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone

Pease, Bob, Undoing Privilege: Unearned Advantage in a Divided World

Rothenberg, Paula S., White Privilege

Singleton, Glenn E., Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools

Stark, David, Facing You, Facing Me: Race, Class and Gender Among UC Berkeley Student Leaders

Steele, Claude M., Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do (Issues of Our Time)

Tatum, Beverly, Can We Talk about Race?:And Other Conversations in an Era of School Resegregation (Race, Education, and Democracy Series Book)

Tatum, Beverly, Talking About Race, Learning About Racism: The Application of Racial Identity

Tatum, Beverly, Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?:A Psychologist Explains the Development of Racial Identity

TuSmith, Bonnie, Race in the College Classroom

Turner Ward, Douglas, Happy Ending: And, Day of Absence; Two Plays