June graduation ceremonies for MPA students consist of:

  • The campus-wide Commencement event, held on Red Square on Friday afternoon of Spring quarter’s Evaluation week
  • The Hooding Ceremony for MPA graduates, on the morning of commencement.

Eligible MPA students are highly encouraged to participate in the June commencement ceremony if they expect to complete their Capstone or Thesis projects by the end of that Spring quarter. Students who are eligible this year may also opt to wait until they are completely finished with their coursework and participate in the next year's ceremonies.

To petition for the MPA degree to be awarded, students must submit an application for graduation to the Registration & Records Office and a fee of $25 to the Cashier’s Office. Approval for graduation and participation in the ceremony is determined by the MPA Director. Registration & Records and the Assistant Directors regularly remind students of the application procedures and deadlines.

For graduation in June, the application is due at the end of week 2 of Spring quarter. For graduation in quarters prior to the June ceremony, the application is due before evaluation week of that quarter. The date on the diploma will reflect the final month of the last quarter in which the student was formally enrolled.

In addition to the campus-wide commencement event in June (the afternoon of the Friday of Spring quarter’s evaluation week), the MPA program holds a Hooding Ceremony for its graduates on the morning of commencement. Students receiving the MPA degree are encouraged to participate and to invite their families and friends to share the celebration. If you plan to participate in the ceremonies, you can order caps, gowns, hoods, and announcements from the Bookstore.

If you have questions about graduation, please contact the Assistant Directors, Randee Gibbons at (360) 867-6554; for the Tribal Governance concentration, contact Puanani Nihoa at (360) 867-6202.