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Leadership Development is Dynamic Work!

Following on the heels of the January Leadership Summit for 1st Year MPA Core learning communities, MPA Director Doreen Swetkis will be attending a Women in Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in early March.  Doreen expects to enhance her leadership skills as she and the MPA Program staff prepare to launch an MPA Tacoma cohort, as well as bring what she learned to the classroom for Ethics and Leadership in Public Service, Spring 2017. This professional development opportunity made possible by Faculty Professional Travel and Provost’s Special Projects Fund.

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MPA Presence at ATNI

In attendance at 2017 ATNI conference! Current faculty, Eric Trevan, one of our founding faculty members, Alan Parker, recent graduate and current student. Great group of movers & shakers~

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Don's Miss Red Sky's "Mistatim" 2/6/17

Leadership Summit for MPA First Year Cohorts

On Saturday, January 28, the two first year MPA cohorts (Public/Nonprofit Administration & Public Policy and Tribal Governance) are coming together for a day-long Leadership Summit. The day includes seven guest speakers on two panels – leaders working in state, local, and tribal governments and in community-based organizations – and plenary speaker Ron Allen, Chairman and CEO of the Jamestown S’Kallam Tribe. Topics include: Leading with Purpose and Reflexivity, Leading from Where You Are, and Leading for Social, Political, Economic & Racial Justice.

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Evergreen's Center for Sustainable Infrastructure to Collaborate with the City of Olympia Public Works

The Olympia Public Works Department is initiating an exciting “value planning” exercise with Evergreen’s Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (ECSI) to set the stage for a transportation corridor study expected to begin in the first quarter of 2017. The Fones Road corridor in east Olympia is failing to meet the transportation levels of service established by the City of Olympia.  Early estimates suggest that the cost of the standard road-widening and street improvement response could exceed $15 million.

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