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Lachezar “Lucky” Anguelov, PhD Presented Research at Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference 2017 in Chicago, Illinois

Evergreen Students Participate in 2017 NASPAA- Baten Student Simulation Competition by Jamie Milletary

Students gathered across the world, to several sites for a competition challenging student in Public Policy and Management. These global sites were Maastricht, New York City, Washington D.C. area, Indianapolis, Bogotá, Tempe, Seattle, and Beijing. NASPAA is a global public service membership association network for graduate schools offering programs in Public Affairs, Administration, Policy and the like.

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MPA Faculty Member Publishes Book

MPA faculty member, T. S. (Steve) Marshall, PhD, just published his second leadership book: Leadership Nonnegotiables (ISBN 978-1-5246-7545-5). This book is a companion book to Steve’s earlier work titled Competent Leadership. Leadership competence revolves around one’s personal style, one’s relationships, and how one communicates, motivates, resolves conflict, and makes decisions. What went unsaid in Competent Leadership is the foundation for this book.

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MPA Alum Publishing Project in Guatemala

Alicia LeDuc, an MPA/MES grad from 2011 will be participating in an upcoming national delegation to Guatemala to interview survivors and attorneys from the precedent-setting Sepu Zarco Trial (2016). The case is historic as the first time sexual slavery was prosecuted as a war crime in a national court anywhere in the world and was the first case of gender violence from Guatemala’s conflict era (1980s).The verdict is a human rights victory world-wide.

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Eric S. Trevan Presents at Reservation Economic Summit