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(go to the MPA Apply page for application info): Note: the GRE is not required for MPA admission.

Fall 2014 Admission Requirements

  1. A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
    Note: A student may be admitted provisionally pending completion of the bachelor's degree. The applicant must submit an official transcript showing the conferring of the bachelor's degree before obtaining regular admission status needed to enroll in the core programs.
  2. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for the last 90 graded quarter hours or the last 60 graded semester hours.
    Note: The college is able to make a few exceptions to this rule. Prospective students who do not meet this requirement, but who are otherwise well qualified, are encouraged to apply to the program as early as possible.
  3. Evidence of writing, analytical and general communication skills of high quality and at a level appropriate for graduate study (the Admissions Committee reviews your application materials to look for evidence of these skills.)
  4. Satisfactory completion of four (4) quarter credits of statistics which fulfills our statistics prerequisite requirement within the three (3) years prior to the Fall of admission and before admitted students are permitted to begin the first year of the MPA program in the Fall.  For example, if you are applying for Fall 2015 admission, you must have completed a statistics course that meets our prerequisite requirement sometime during the period between the beginning of Fall 2012 and the end of Summer 2015. We *do* accept applications from people who have not met the statistics requirement: we admit these students conditionally, but we must receive evidence that the statistics prerequisite is satisfied before Fall classes begin.

    Most undergraduate programs and courses at Evergreen that grant four credits of statistics will enable students to meet this prerequisite. Several statistics courses are typically offered during Evergreen's Summer Session. Basic statistics courses offered at many other colleges will also meet the requirement. Please see our statistics prerequisite page for more specific information about the statistics prerequisite requirement, including a list of Evergreen courses and courses offered elsewhere that meet the requirement.

    An applicant with considerable work experience using descriptive and inferential statistics may request a waiver of the statistics prerequisite requirement. Consult the statistics prerequisite page for details.

Applicants with limited professional experience

The MPA program at Evergreen admits applicants with varying levels and types of professional experience. Some applicants may need to expand their public sector work experience in order to better understand the field, and to be more competitive candidates for future jobs. If an applicant has not done full-time work, for a year or more, with significant responsibility in public or non-profit administration or in a public policy area, then the applicant will be required to complete an internship before graduating from the program.  This internship is minimally one quarter credit hour and involves part-time work with an agency or organization in the public or non-profit sector for one quarter. The Admissions Committee will determine whether an applicant will be required to do an internship, and will include this requirement in the letter of admission. Internship credit will count toward the MPA degree as part of a student's elective credits. Additional information about internships will be available during orientation. 

International Applicants

International students have three additional admission criteria:

  • English Language Proficiency: Every applicant whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency through one of the following three ways:
  1. A bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree from an accredited U.S. institution of higher education or from an institution in Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, or the United Kingdom.
  2. Official documentation from an institution (other than those listed in #1 above) verifying that the applicant's bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree is from an institution where all instruction is in English.  
  3. One of the following minimum English language proficiency test scores demonstrated through submission of official scores at the time of application: TOEFL paper test: 600; TOEFL computerized test: 250, TOEFL online test: 100, or IELTS: 7.5.
  • Students with non-English transcripts must have them translated into English and certified by a translation agency
  • If admitted, international students must have evidence of having at least $35,212 USD to pay all expenses for one academic year's enrollment at Evergreen.  This estimate includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, health insurance, personal expenditures, and transportation (excluding travel to and from U.S.). The Office of Admissions will work with admitted students on this paperwork.

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For more information about...
  • the Public-Non Profit Administration and Public Policy concentrations, contact Randee Gibbons via email or at (360) 867-6554.
  • the Tribal Governance concentration, contact Puanani Nihoa via email or at (360) 867-6202.

In the meantime, it's possible for an individual with a bachelor's degree to take our elective courses as a Graduate Special Student, and count up to 12 graduate credits toward their MPA degree if they are later admitted to the program. Get more information on Special Student requirements and registration procedures for the upcoming quarter.

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Fall 2014 Admission Deadlines

Date Deadline
February 3, 2014 MPA first/priority application deadline
March 1, 2014 FAFSA must be processed (advised to submit by February 15)
April 2014
First round of admit/deny/waitlist letters are mailed
April 25, 2014 MPA financial aid letters mailed to new admits
April 28, 2014 Tuition deposit of $100 & confirmation due for first round admits
September 15, 2014 Written documentation due for provisional admits (documenting completion of BA/BS); official transcripts due for conditional admits (documenting completion of statistics)
October 3 & 4, 2014
Mandatory MPA Orientation/first meeting of 1st year Core
November 1, 2014 Official transcripts due for provisional admits (documenting completion of BA/BS)