Motor Pool

Motor Pool

As of December 16th, 2013 the Motor Pool Office will be located in Lab II, 1254. The fleet vehicles will remain at 3540 Driftwood Rd. NW (Facilities Maintenance Yard).

The Motor Pool maintains a rental fleet for use by the campus community for official college business and functions. This fleet is supplemented, when needed, by vehicles from the Washington State Motor Pool and other private sources. The Motor Pool is also responsible for the purchase, rental, service, maintenance and surplus of all vehicles and equipment in the college's fleet of vehicles.


Contact, Location and Hours

The Motor Pool office is located in Lab II, 1254 (Facilies Services), the Motor Pool vehicles/fleet continues to be located at 3540 Driftwood Rd. NW (Facilities Maintenance yard).

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Campus Mailstop: Lab II, 1254

Motor Pool Office
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am -12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm.
Telephone: (360) 867-6354
Email: Motor Pool

Motor Pool Services

You can make reservations, check out a vehicle and obtain or renew your use permit at the Motor Pool office.

Busses can be reserved based on availability and/or destination. Please  contact Michelle Bartlett at (360) 867-6484 giving at least two weeks notice to reserve a bus.