Master in Teaching Program,  Year One EALR Self-Assessment


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Select the 10 EALRs that are most central to your endorsement area(s) and complete the following chart.

EALR:  the exact wording of the EALR


You can find the EALRs and their components at:

Describe this EALR, using your own words  or, if you prefer take representative selections from the benchmarks or GLEs/"evidences of learning" that communicate the essence of this EALR. Before describing the EALR be sure to review all the components as well as the  GLEs or benchmarks   which will require reading the corresponding GLE's or benchmarks on the  OSPI website.

You can find the GLEs and benchmarks at:

Preparation: list specific experiences: coursework, informal learning, job experience, etc. that have prepared you to teach this EALR content

Self-assessment i. very prepared,     ii..sufficiently prepared,            iii. need more preparation


If  iii, briefly describe an improvement strategy

Reading EALR 1

The student understands and uses different skills and strategies to read.

           Use word recognition strategies, vocabulary building and wide reading experience to build reading fluency at grade 7 this means that students should, among other things use dictionaries, thesauruses, and glossaries to find or confirm word meanings, pronunciations, syllabication, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, and/or clarify shades
of meaning Use word origins to determine the meaning of unknown words.

           Use abstract, derived root words, prefixes, and suffixes from Greek and Latin to analyze the meaning of complex words (e.g., expose, exposition).

           Integrate new vocabulary from informational/expository text and literary/narrative text, including text from a variety of cultures and communities, into written and oral communication


36 cr literature

including multicultural literature; I have studied Greek and Latin within some of my English coursework,


I have not used internet-based dictionaries or thesauruses I would like to become familiar with those over the next year by using them in my own reading.