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Master in Teaching (MiT) Program

Evergreen's Teacher Certification Program - Become a Teacher, Change Lives

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By its very nature, teaching attracts people who want to make a difference - not only in the lives of their students, but in the future of our globally connected society. Our schools are called upon to help children and youth develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively in order to create meaningful lives for themselves and to participate collaboratively and creatively in public life. In a country and world that are becoming more diverse and complex each day, public education can play a key role in nurturing and educating citizens who care about equity and justice for all beings. It is teachers who take on these responsibilities every day.

The Evergreen State College's nationally recognized Master in Teaching program is more than just a means to certification. It's a chance to question one's own knowledge and perceptions, gain a broader and deeper understanding about the diverse cultures that comprise our society, and develop new understandings about teaching and learning. Prospective teachers gain the knowledge and skills to create learning environments that support student engagement and achievement, as well as the possibility for a more just and equitable society. Students who select Evergreen as their school are provided with multiple opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills both on campus and in public school placements, as well as the support to grow personally and professionally.

Please join us for one of our information sessions. You are also welcome to call or email us to set-up an advising session or drop by to see us Monday through Thursday, 8 am - 4 pm in Sem 2E 3rd floor. We also have an online information session!

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Tacoma MiT 2012 cohort! The cohort theme is Widening the Circle: Seeking Inclusive Education.

 This message is only for the 2012 cohort. If you are applying to MiT for any year other than 2012 you will be on the Olympia campus. The 2012 cohort (students starting MiT in the Fall of 2012) will be situated on the Evergreen Tacoma campus and classes will be held evening/weekends.
There will not be a first year cohort on the Olympia campus in 2012. Again, this is only for the 2012 cohort. All other cohorts before and after will be on the Olympia campus. Please email Lynarra Featherly for more information.


  • Longitudinal study of graduates from teacher education programs in Washington by the UW shows Evergreen MIT alums persist in education and are more likely to be found in high needs schools than the state average.
  • See our most recent newsletter (PDF) to learn about our latest graduates.
  • Look at all of the awards and recognitions our alums receive. Alums, let us know if you aren't on this list and should be.

MiT Program

Evergreen’s MiT Program is a nationally recognized teacher preparation program leading to teacher certification and a Masters degree which mirrors the original, alternative nature of The Evergreen State College with its cross-curricular programs organized around themes and questions.

We seek candidates with strong reasoning skills and with passionate interests in a variety of areas. We encourage applications from those who are open to critical, constructive feedback, have a genuine interest in their own intellectual, political, and emotional growth, care about the development of the whole child or youth, and are invested in serving the communities where they will teach. We invite applications from groups underrepresented in Washington's population of teachers. The program aspires to develop teachers who can put principles of effective and meaningful classroom teaching into practice, and who can create classrooms that are culturally responsive and inclusive, democratic and learner-centered, developmentally appropriate and active. 

Our Approach


Integrated: Led by a faculty team from multiple disciplines who provide a fully integrated learning experience rather than separate courses

Intensive thinking, critical reading and writing throughout the program

Building a close-knit community of learners (40-60 full time students)

Field intensive: One day a week in the schools in year one, two full-time student teaching experiences during year two

Performance-based: Continuous assessment through performance and portfolios, documented in narrative transcripts

Our Outcomes

Graduates receive the Master in Teaching degree and Washington State Residency Teaching certification.

Graduates are knowledgeable, competent professionals who can assume leadership roles in curriculum development, assessment, child advocacy and anti-bias work. Please take a look at our recent job placements (PDF) .