Master in Teaching

MiT Program History

The Evergreen State College was chartered by the state of Washington in 1967 for the purpose of offering an alternative to “traditional education.” Today, Evergreen’s Master in Teaching program mirrors the original alternative nature of the college with its cross-curricular, interdisciplinary programs. MiT emphasizes an interactive dialogue among faculty and students, graduate-level writing skills and narrative evaluations in place of letter grades. As part of Evergreen’s graduate-level professional studies program, and through personal and professional reflection and growth, we are committed to bridging theory and practice for meaningful, lifelong learning.

Evergreen’s innovative program was a direct result of a 1987 law passed by the Washington State Legislature. The program is founded upon a strong theory base, substantial involvement with schools, sensitivity to multicultural and human relations, a variety of instructional strategies, emphasis on new technology and research, and close cooperation with K–12 teachers and administrators.

The Master in Teaching program meets all state of Washington Administrative Code standards for program quality and beginning teacher competence. Graduates receive a Master in Teaching degree and are recommended by the college to the state of Washington for Residency Teacher Certification provided that the state-required performance assessment, the edTPA, is passed and all other program requirements are met.