Master in Teaching

MIT Faculty

Scott Coleman Faculty team 2006-08. B.S., Biology, State University of New York, College at Brockport, 1973; M.A., Education, San Diego State University, 1980; Ph.D., Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, 1989. "My interests include teacher assessment, teacher development and instructional design."

Jon Davies Faculty team 2008-10. B.A., English, Oberlin College, 1972; M.A., Physical Education, Oberlin College, 1978; Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of San Diego, 1994. His interests include language and literacy development, teaching for social justice, and promoting democratic classrooms. He is a new faculty member.

Terry Ford Faculty team 2007-09. B.A., English, Whitman College, 1983; Ed.M., Secondary Education, Washington State University, 1988; Ph.D., Literacy Education, Washington State University, 1993."My current areas of interest include literacy education, multicultural education, curriculum integration, technology, qualitative research methods and critical pedagogy."

George Freeman Faculty team 2007-09. B.A., Liberal Arts, Secondary Education, Adams State College, 1977; M.A., Clinical Psychology, Southern Illinois University, 1984; Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Southern Illinois University, 1990. A clinical psychologist, his interests include multicultural counseling, social psychology, social justice, systems-level change, executive coaching and organizational systems development from a Gestalt framework. Taught previously in the 1997-1999 cycle.

Andy Gilbert
Faculty Team 2010-2012. B.S., Geology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1992; M.A., Science Education, East Carolina University, 1998; Ph.D., New Mexico State University, 2002. "I am drawn to teaching because it is an amazing combination of building relationships with students and colleagues while simultaneously engaging in an intellectual struggle to better understand the world around us."

Grace Huerta Faculty team 2008-10. B.A., English, University of Southern California, 1981; M.A., English, California State University, 1986; Ph.D., Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Arizona State University,1994. Her interests include diversity and cultural studies, ELL/bilingual education, educational foundations, critical theory, whiteness theory and qualitative research methodologies.

Anita Lenges Faculty Team 2005-07. B.A., Mathematics and Anthropology; M.A., Mathematics Education and Teacher Leadership, 1994; Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Mathematics Education, University of Washington, 2004. "My current interests include equitable and inclusive teaching practices, ethnomathematics, and teacher preparation for racially, socioeconomically, and linguistically diverse students."

Masao Sugiyama Faculty team 2007-09. B.A., Eastern Washington University, 1963; M.S., Western Washington University, 1967; Ph.D., Washington State University, 1975. "I believe that our task as teachers is to find opportunities and settings that will present people with problems to solve and help them see what tools they can use to solve those problems."

Michael Vavrus Faculty team 2009-11. B.A., Political Science, Drake University, 1970; M.A., Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Michigan State University, 1975; Ph.D., Education: Instructional Development and Technology, Michigan State University, 1978. "My areas of interest include educational policy, the social context of teaching and multicultural education."

Sherry Walton, MIT Director. B.A., Education, Auburn University, 1970; M.Ed., Developmental Reading, Auburn University, 1977; Ph.D., Theories in Reading, Research and Evaluation Methodology, University of Colorado, 1980. "My current areas of interest include literacy education, assessment, research methodology and design, and theories of learning."

Sonja Wiedenhaupt Faculty team 2008-10. B.A., Psychology, Wheaton College, 1988; M.A., Developmental Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1991; Ph.D., Social/Personality Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, 2001. "My current focus revolves around the roles that motivational factors such as self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation and interest play in learning."