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Elementary Education Endorsement

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education endorsement is for those planning to teach in a self-contained classroom at the elementary level, grades K–8. Minimum coursework expectations for this endorsement are 48 credits to include coursework in:

  • Children’s literature (Kindergarten – middle school) – 4 credits
  • Arts: defined as dance, music, theatre arts, visual arts — 4 credits
  • Copy of current CPR and first aid card at time of program start
  • A statistics courses of at least 4 credits and 8-10 additional credits of math to include numeric reasoning, algebraic reasoning, probability and geometry (2 and 3 dimension) through a problem-solving approach. Some “Math for Elementary Teachers” courses cover these areas with a problem-solving approach.
  • Science: to include biology, earth/space science (e.g. geology, astronomy, meteorology), and physical science such as physics, chemistry or environmental science, and lab experience — 12 credits minimum
  • Social studies: to include U.S. history, world history, geography, economics, civics, political science (especially American government) and Pacific Northwest history — minimum 12 credits
  • Language Structure and Functions: course such as Grammar for Teachers or Grammar and Language Functions —4 credits minimum

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