Master in Teaching

Endorsement Policies, Procedures, and Expected Coursework

Endorsement Policies & Requirements

All teachers must have one or more endorsements according to state guidelines.
(please scroll down to the links below for expected coursework for each specific endorsement)

Only two endorsements are allowed upon entering MiT, except with prior approval.

A secondary level endorsement cannot be obtained at the same time as the elementary education endorsement due to differences in literacy and reading methods instruction.

Successful applicants to the MiT program will meet or exceed the minimum coursework expectations described for each endorsement area. In conjunction with passing the WEST-E, meeting these expectations provides evidence that applicants have the content knowledge needed to support their future teaching.

Endorsement content coursework should be done as much as possible by the time of application to the MiT program, although work in progress or planned can be indicated on the endorsement worksheet . Having completed all or most endorsement courses will assist one with the knowledge to pass the WEST-E. Assessment and teaching methods for the endorsement will be taught within the MiT program. Here are two sample endorsement worksheets.

No more than eight credits may be left to complete when the MiT program begins, and must be finished in the summer between year one and two of the program. Failure to complete content preparation requirements within this timeframe will result in discontinuation in the program.

A second endorsement is required with Reading or English Language Learners, preferably in a core content area such as elementary education or English language arts.

Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Physics and Science candidates must have a second endorsement, usually in another science or math, to improve employability. French, Japanese and Spanish candidates applying for fall 2015 must also have a second endorsement area to improve employability. Biology, English Language Arts, History, Middle Level Humanities, Middle Level Science, Social Studies and Visual Arts candidates are strongly recommended to have a second endorsement area.

Elementary Education candidates may want to prepare in a middle level endorsement to be highly qualified in math, science, English or social studies above grade 5.

Prior experience: If elements of content knowledge in an endorsement area have been acquired through life experience or independent study, and you passed the associated WEST-E, you may request that one or more of the endorsement coursework expectations be waived. To request such a waiver, indicate “experience/ independent study” on the endorsement worksheet. Attach a letter explaining specifically what was done and why the experience and/or study can reasonably substitute for the expected coursework and linking the experience to the endorsement competencies found here on PESB's website. It is strongly recommended that you submit additional documentation of the experience and learning (such as letters of recommendation).

AP credits are acceptable if posted on an official transcript. CLEP exams meeting minimum scores are accepted.

Learn about ways to add endorsements to a teaching certificate during your career.

Expected Endorsement Coursework

All expected endorsement coursework is intended to assist applicants with knowledge competencies as outlined by the state in each area.
Please follow the links below for expected coursework for each specific endorsement.

All applicants must fill out the appropriate endorsement worksheet(s) and submit with their application.

All credits listed are in quarter credit hours, which is the system used at Evergreen. Applicants who have attended semester based universities should convert credits listed on an endorsement worksheet into equivalent quarter credits.

Only credits earned with grades of at least a C, 2.0, or with satisfactory evaluations are acceptable.

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education endorsement is for those planning to teach in a self-contained classroom at the elementary level, grades K–8.

Middle Level Endorsements

Middle Level endorsements are for those wanting to teach multiple content areas in middle schools, grades 4–9. There are three Middle Level endorsements: Middle Level Humanities, Middle Level Math and Middle Level Science. The combined Middle Level Math & Science endorsement is no longer available.

Middle Level Humanities

Middle Level Math

Middle Level Science

Secondary Endorsements

Secondary endorsements are for candidates wanting to teach a specific content area at the secondary level (generally, grades 5–12).



Earth and Space Science

English Language Arts





Social Studies

All Level Endorsements

All Level endorsements are for those wanting to teach one of several specific content areas at any grade level, birth to grade 12.

Designated World Language (DWL) - French, Japanese or Spanish

English Language Learners (ELL)


Theatre Arts

Visual Arts