Master in Teaching

Program Description

Justin Becker

Evergreen’s MiT Program is a nationally recognized, academically rigorous, state-accredited teacher preparation program. This interdisciplinary program is based on a multicultural, democratic, developmental perspective seeking to prepare the finest teachers possible to support the development of all children. Our graduates are knowledgeable, competent professionals who can assume leadership roles in curriculum development, assessment, child advocacy and anti-bias work. From the Teacher Education Programs Director

We seek candidates with strong reasoning skills and with passionate interests in a variety of areas. We encourage applications from those who are open to critical, constructive feedback, have a genuine interest in their own intellectual, political, and emotional growth, care about the development of the whole child or youth, and are invested in serving the communities where they will teach. We invite applications from groups underrepresented in Washington's population of teachers.

The 2013-2015 cohort theme is Teaching and Learning as Social Transformation: Connecting Campus and Classroom. 

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