Endorsements & Professional Development

Expand your teaching capabilities with additional endorsements, professional development, courses for serving students with disabilities, and mentoring new student teachers.

Add an Endorsement

You can add an endorsement to your teaching certificate with Evergreen’s Master in Teaching program. See the PESB site for information about all the pathways to adding endorsements and for the full list of requirements for completing pathway two or three.

An MiT alumna teaches metric conversions

Math teacher Lorri DeFoor works with students on metric conversions at North Thurston High school in Lacey, Washington.

Pathway Two Options

Evergreen currently offers pathway two options for current teachers in the following areas:

  • Middle Level Science
  • Middle Level Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Middle Level Humanities
  • History
  • Social Studies
  • English Language Arts
  • Reading

We provide the observations required for pathway two completions. The minimum pathway 2 fee at Evergreen is $1400, and may be slightly more for mileage beyond a round trip of 80 miles from campus.

A current teacher teaches

MiT alumna Claire Hughes reads to students at McKenny Elementary in Olympia, Washington.

Pathway Three: Reading

Evergreen offers a two summer option to earn a reading endorsement through pathway three.

  • Foundations of Literacy and Research in Literacy will be offered in the first summer.
  • In the second summer Instructional Methods and Assessment in Reading will be offered.
  • Children’s Literature and Adolescent Literature are offered every summer; participants will need to choose one or the other to complete the sequence.

Participants may start either summer. At the conclusion of the sequence, teachers and candidates in teacher preparation programs must take and pass the Reading WEST E (030), a state-required standardized test, and apply to have the endorsement added to their teaching certificates.