Master in Teaching

Estimated Costs

The estimated rates listed below are per quarter rates for the 2014-15 academic year:

Tuition per quarter (our MiT program is six quarters) Resident: $2907.00
Non-resident: $6960.00
Books and Supplies (estimate) $400.00
Parking $40.00
Transportation (estimate) $450.00
Health Services Fee $83.00
Transit Fee $30.00
Late Night Shuttle Fee $5.00
Clean Energy Fee $16.00
CAB Renovation Fee $92.00
One-Time Costs (once over the two year program)
Washington State Patrol identification
and criminal history check
Application for teacher certificate $68.00
Master's project binding fee $60.00
Graduation fee $25.00
Placement file fee $50.00
Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) $300.00

*additional fees may apply

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships are available to MiT students. Please see the MiT Financial Aid page for more information and applicaton forms.

Residency Status for Tuition and Fees

Please contact Evergreen's Office of Registration and Records directly at (360) 867-6180 to determine your eligibility or to request a residency application.

To be considered a resident for tuition and fee purposes, as a financially independent non-resident, you must first establish a domicile in the state of Washington in compliance with state regulations. You must also establish your intention to be in Washington for purposes other than education. Once established, the domicile must exist for one year prior to the first day of the quarter in which you plan to enroll as a resident student. Contact Evergreen’s Office of Registration and Records directly at 360.867.6180 if you have specific residency questions. Residency information and application for a change of status are available on the registration Web page or in the Office of Registration and Records.

Native American residents of Idaho, Montana or Oregon who are members of one of the tribes listed by the Revised Code of Washington may be eligible to pay Washington resident tuition rates. Proof of tribal membership is required.

Applications to change residency status can be made no earlier than four to six weeks prior to the quarter in which you may become eligible. See the Residency application for priority processing dates and deadlines.

Billing and Payment Procedures

The Office of Student Accounts assembles most student financial information, both charges and credits, and provides a viewable online statement on your account. Failure to pay tuition and fees by the fifth day of the quarter will result in a $50.00 late payment fee. For further information, contact Student Accounts at (360) 867-6447.