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Thesis Ideas

Do you need help deciding on a thesis topic?  Here are some resources:

  • Past MES Theses - The Evergreen Library Catalog lists all MES theses, alphabetical by title.  Most theses written after 2006 can be accessed as PDF files. 
  • List of all electronic theses in PDF format - A quick list of all the electronic theses in the library - mostly from 2006 to present
  • ECOApprentice - Unique website that matches students with real-life sustainability projects
  • MES Faculty Directory - Don't forget to talk to MES faculty to help you with your brainstorming.  You may also want to talk to non-MES faculty in your interest area.

Thesis Presentation Instructions

Students who are in the Spring Thesis Workshop will have their presentations scheduled at the end of spring quarter with other workshop students.  Students who are not in the thesis workshop are advised to schedule their thesis presentations on a Tuesday or Thursday in week 8 or 9 of the quarter they plan to present.  Presentations should start at 4:30.  Your primary reader must attend and approve (by emailing the Assistant Director) that you are ready to present.  To schedule a day and location, please contact the MES Program Assistant at 360-867-5940.  You will be assigned a lecture room in the Seminar II Building.  MES will promote the presentations via our website & email, but it is your responsibility to promote it beyond that. 

On the day of your presentation, please note the following:

  • It is recommended that you show up to your presentation 30 minutes early in order to make sure media works.
  • All Sem II lecture rooms have a media cabinet that has a computer and DVD player, etc.  You can also bring your own laptop.
  • The media cabinets are locked, so you will need to make sure your reader is there with you to unlock it and set up the media (they should all know how to use it).  If your reader cannot be there prior to the presentation, please check out a key from Media Loan by calling 360-867-6253.  They are in Library 2504.
  • If you need help with media, please contact Kathryn Ford, or 360-867-5517.
  • MES will try to send a representative to the thesis presentations, but due to recruitment and student needs, this may not always be possible.

Thesis Presentation Schedule

The public is welcome to attend any MES thesis presentation.  Prospective students are encouraged to attend!
Current Presentation Schedule

Thesis Submission

All students must submit at least one paper thesis, signed by your reader, to be bound for library archives and one electronic thesis for the library catalog.  When you are ready to submit, please follow the formatting guidelines in the MES Thesis Handbook (above), fill out the Thesis Binding Order Form, pay your binding fee at the Cashier's Office, and then set up an appointment with the MES Student Assistant by calling 360-867-5940.  Once your thesis is submitted, we will send it to be bound as soon as we receive a handful of other theses.  You will be contacted when we receive the bound copies (4-6 weeks after mailing) if you ordered any copies for yourself.  Your thesis should be submitted no later than the Friday of Week 10 of the quarter in which you last took thesis credits.  If you are not ready to submit by that date, you must take at least two credits with your reader the following quarter and submit during that quarter, assuming your reader has agreed.