Master of Environmental Studies

MES Thesis Presentation Schedule

Spring 2015 thesis presentations

The public is welcome to attend any MES thesis presentation. Presentations are 15 minutes each with a 5 minute Q&A.

Dates and times are subject to change.

Tuesday, May 19th 3-5:20PM (Location: Lecture Hall 5)
Students will be introduced by Dina Roberts, Ph.D. (Faculty Reader)

3:00    Kelly Beach: “Mouthline Injuries as an Indicator of Fisheries Interactions in Hawaiian Odontocetes”

3:20    Sierra Blakely: “Eelgrass Response to Estuary Restoration: Assessing Epifaunal Community Composition on the Nisqually Delta, Washington”

3:40    Laura Milleville: "Marine bird assemblages in relation to armored and unarmored sites in central Puget Sound"

4:00    Break

4:20    Sean Greene: “Accommodating Human and Small Animal Use of Washington Wildlife Passage Structures”

4:40    Chelsea Waddell: "The Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) in lowland western Washington: A population, parentage, and non-breeding habitat analysis”

5:00    Bri Morningred: “Water Quality Analysis of Three Different Rearing Environments for Rana pretiosa

Wednesday, May 20th 4-5:40PM (Location: Lecture Hall 5)
Students will be introduced by Erin Martin, Ph.D. (Faculty Reader) 

4:00    Chapin Pier: “Restoring the Unseen River: The Viability of Hyporheic Zone Restoration for Improving Groundwater and Surface Water Exchange in an Urban Watershed”

4:20    Sarah Bell:  “Implementing the Soil and Water Assessment Tool for the Puyallup River Watershed of Washington State: a feasibility assessment”

4:40    Break

5:00    Maria G. Redig (formerly Maria Brown): “An Examination of the Toxicological Effects of Leachate from Bioretention System Substrates on Zebrafish”

5:20    Sarah Davis: "Diet preferences of juvenile steelhead (Onocorhynchus mykiss): A comparison between three Hood Canal Rivers"

Thursday, May 21st 3-4:40PM (Location: Seminar II B 1105)
Students will be introduced by Kathleen Saul, Ph.D. (Faculty Reader)

3:00    Julian Close: “Salmon Habitat Loss and Hatchery Dependence: A Case Study of Chambers Creek” 

3:20    Jennifer Garlesky: “Freeing the Deschutes”

3:40    Rudi Acevedo:  “A Strategy for Decreasing Washington State's Greenhouse Gas Emissions:  Leasing Distributed Solar Photovoltaics”

4:00    Break

4:20    Peter Boome: "Indigenous architecture in the modern world: How indigenous design philosophy can inform contemporary buildings"

Wednesday, May 27, 3:00 – 5:40 pm (Lecture Hall 5)
Students will be introduced by Kevin Francis, Ph.D.; and Peter Dorman, Ph.D. (Faculty Readers)

3:00     Brian Ansley: “Managing Water Resources in the Yakima River Basin: An Analysis of Washington Water Rights and their Influence on Irrigated Farmland”

3:20     KT Aldridge: "An Investigation into the Relationship between Environmental Consciousness and Attitudes toward Evolution among U.S. Christian Clergy"

3:40     Bethany Alender, “Understanding Volunteer Motivations to Participate in Citizen Science Projects: A Deeper Look at Water Quality Monitoring”

4:00     Patrick Ferguson, “Predicting Historical Logging Camp Locations in the Capitol State Forest, Washington”

4:20     Break

4:40     Alex Uhrich: “Do Working Dogs Behave Differently than Companion Dogs?”

5:00     Nathan Nadenicek: “A Land-Use History of the Olympia Brewing Company, 1896-1916”

5:20     Mark Ungerer: "The Effects of Environmental Education on Variables Influential to Environmentally Friendly Behavior"

Thursday, May 28, 3:00 – 5:20 pm (Lecture Hall 5)
Students will be introduced by Shangrila Wynn, Ph.D.; Kevin Francis, Ph.D; Ralph Murphy, Ph.D.; and Peter Dorman, Ph.D. (Faculty Readers)

3:00     Mehran Azizian: “Effects of Crime on Law Enforcement Policies and Practices: A Comparison of Enforcement Strategies between National Parks and National Forests in Washington State”

3:20     Pah-Tu Pitt: “A Case Study of Subsistence and Traditional Access to Wi’wnu (Huckleberries)”

3:40     Robyn Wagoner: “Hopeless and Mindful in Response to Abrupt Climate Change”

4:00     Break

4:20     Tabitha George: "Assessing Brucella Infections in Washington and Oregon Dolphins That Strand With Inflammation and Ailments of the Nervous System"

4:40     Karl Herzog: “Considerations and Opportunities in Reporting Results from Habitat Investments Made Through the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program”

5:00     Pam Abreu: “Restoring basic hydrological and ecological functions of wetlands invaded with reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea) for potential Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) oviposition and recovery at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Fort Lewis, WA”