Master of Environmental Studies

MES Thesis Presentation Schedule

Spring 2016 Schedule

Tuesday, May 17, 4-6 pm (Seminar 2, C1105)
Readers: Shangrila Wynn, Mike Ruth

4:00 Tiffany Webb, Connecting Environmental Justice and Prisons: A Critical look at Social Movements, Environment, and Mass Incarceration
4:20 Deanna Donovan, The Role of Non-Government Organizations in Supporting Washington’s Tribal and State Governments' Salmon Recovery Plans
4:40 Caroline Coster, Exploring Methods of Outreach and Education used by Non-profits to Enhance Whale Conservation
5:00 Hannah Trageser, An Assessment of the Raptor Strike Avoidance Program at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Thursday, May 19, 4-6 pm (Seminar 2, D1105)
Readers: Erin Martin, Richard Bigley, Kevin Francis

4:00 Josh Carter, For Whom the Moss Grows: A Study on Soil Carbon Variability within a Pacific Northwest Bog
4:20 Natalie Sahli, Nutrient Cycling between Cultivated Manila clams (V. philippinarium) and Green Macroalgae (Ulva spp.) on Northern Hood Canal
4:40 Michele Boderck, Incidence and Severity of Swiss Needle Cast in the Coastal Forest of Western Washington
5:00 Conrad Ely, Smoking Grass - Germination Responses of Six Native Poaceae Species to Smoke Water Treatments
5:20 Sarah Krock, Influence of Temporal Variation of Seed Sowing and Relative Prairie Quality on First-year Establishment of 23 Native Prairie Species

Tuesday, May 24, 4-6 pm (Seminar 2, C1105)
Reader: Kathleen Saul

4:00 Wendy Loosle, Correlation of Street Trees and Crime in Olympia
4:20 Shanyese Trujillo, Methods and Policies for Monitoring Environmental impacts of Zero-Valent Metal Nanomaterials in Waterways
4:40 Allison Wyatt, The Palm Oil Crisis: Providing an Outreach Framework to Increase Awareness in U.S. Zoos
5:00 Greg Taylor, Thorium-fueled Nuclear Reactors
5:20 Sarah Sweet, Cannabis Cultivation and Electrical Load Demand in Washington State

Thursday, May 26, 3:30-6 (Seminar 2, D1105)
Readers: Kevin Francis, Marc Hayes, Shangrila Wynn

3:30       Amory Ballantine, 'Whiteness as Property': Colonialism, Contamination, and Detention in Tacoma’s Puyallup Estuary
3:50       Heather May, Avian Community Response to Passive versus Active Management on Mount St. Helens, Washington
4:10       Rhianna Hruska, The Great Colorado Flood of 2013 and its impact on raptor populations in Longmont, Colorado
4:40       Daron Williams, Managing Active Forestry Lands for Increased Water Retention: A New Approach for Protecting Summer Water Supplies
5:00       Ajay Conley, Amphibian Conservation Biology
5:20       Ashlie Tainer, Impacts of the 2015 Drought: A Study of Orchardists in the Yakima River Basin of Central Washington