Profile: Arielle Simmons, Class of 2017

My home base is New Jersey, just outside of New York City.

Arielle Simmons

Every facet of MES impressed me—its incorporation of interdisciplinary environmental fields, the creative, friendly, and intuitive nature of Evergreen students, faculty, and alumni, and the beauty of the environment in/of which we are learning.

The Evergreen State College is a school of leaders. It is my hope to extrapolate critical knowledge from every curricular and extracurricular activity in and around my graduate career to best learn how to make a substantive positive impact for our common environment—as a leader, as a woman, and as a global citizen.

I’m particularly drawn to environmental policy, ethics, and literature. Climate change mitigation and adaptation, media (mainstream and social) portrayal of natural disasters and environmental conflicts, and paving the way to popular environmentalist perspective are some of the many interests I possess!

I spend much of my time listening and discovering music, consciously connecting every note and every beat to what I am experiencing that moment. I also enjoy a good beer or glass of wine with friends, immersing myself in the World Wide Web, reading, and enjoying nature. 

After I earn my MES degree, although I am not quite certain, I can envision myself in a leadership position—educating, consulting, or politicizing.

The most influential and inspirational individual in my life is my grandmother. She is the light in my world, my voice of reason, my strength, my everything.

My favorite thing about being in Olympia is that it’s not New Jersey. Just kidding… but seriously. Olympia possesses a palpable esoteric beauty that I have never experienced before. This city makes you want to create, to learn, and to question and express your deepest thoughts and ideals. It’s a truly unique city that I love exploring!