Master of Environmental Studies

Student Profile

Wendy Loosle, Class of 2015, Sustainable Agriculture and Community Development

Image of MES student Wendy LoosleWhere are you from?
I grew up in Oregon and Utah, and have lived in Olympia for the past three years.

What drew you to the MES degree at Evergreen?
I appreciate the educational model that The Evergreen State College promotes as it supports teacher/student interactions and learning, using the classroom as a space for open communication that encourages sharing perspectives, expertise and ideas.  In that regard, I appreciate the value placed on interdisciplinary collaboration and individual contributions.

What do you hope to gain from the program?
I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how communities work together to solve environmental issues, and how to encourage participation among key stakeholders. It's becoming more apparent that experts from related and seemingly unrelated professions and fields of study are necessary for developing comprehensive, sustainable solutions. 

What was your previous education and work experience prior to entering MES?
I earned my BA in Spanish from Oregon State University and the Universidad de Cantabria in Spain. Since then I've worked for the State of Oregon and the State of Washington in policy development and program support in the field of early education for children birth through five years. Most of my environmentally-related contributions have taken the form of volunteer work in food co-operatives, farmer's markets and supporting community gardens, as well as advocacy efforts to educate the public in organic farming and environmentally friendly practices.

What are your areas of interest in MES?
Much of my background in environmental studies has come through hands-on community involvement and self-directed research. I am interested in understanding the necessary means for approaching and solving environmental challenges from a cross-sector approach, and in deepening the specialized skills that will help me in this effort. 

What activities do you enjoy outside of school and work?
I love being outside! Gardening, sailing, hiking, running, camping, or even a stroll through the woods. I also recently became a certified yoga instructor and enjoy teaching family, friends and community members.

What is your “dream occupation”? What do you see yourself doing after earning your MES degree?
I am interested in continuing efforts to promote organic, sustainable agriculture through public education, and in supporting communities in developing a sense of place and connection through environmentally sound practices.  I thoroughly enjoy public service, and would love to carry out this work in a policy development capacity whether at the state, national or international level.

Who has been an inspirational individual in your life?
I have a dear friend who is a world traveler and life-long learner. She is always ready for the next adventure, and I am inspired by her drive to meet and take on challenging situations. Like her, I am known as a 'hobby collector' and love to learn so my interests are very wide-ranging. My curiosity is helpful in building friendships and seeing the world from another's perspective, and I'm always seeking to learn from my friends. 

And anything super interesting you think prospective and currents students should know about you!
I'm a pretty darn good cook, and I love having friends over to eat and share some laughs.