Master of Environmental Studies

Alumni Profile

Eric Delvin, MES 2003, Political Ecology & Conservation

Eric Delvin MES Alum

I completed the MES program in 2003. My thesis investigated the political ecology of tourism development in a panda reserve in western China. Although I did not have direct experience working in China previous to my studies at Evergreen, I felt confident with the tools that I developed in the MES program to travel and conduct my research over a six month period in one of the most remote protected areas in the country.

The lessons that I learned through my research and studies in the MES program remain potent for me in my career. I now work as a project manager for The Nature Conservancy in Olympia, WA. The interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and the creative thinking that I was able to engage in as a graduate student help me daily in my conservation work. My work for The Nature Conservancy involves developing partnerships across political and cultural boundaries in order to further the mission of conserving biodiversity. The skills that I developed in the MES program have helped me to excel in my career in conservation.