Master of Environmental Studies

Prerequisite Options for the MES Degree

The Graduate Program on the Environment requires that admitted students complete the following college-level courses (each worth 4 credits in a quarter system, or 3 credits in a semester system) within the five years prior to starting the MES degree.  Students must earn a "C" (2.0) or higher in:

  • One course in social science (e.g. economics, sociology, political science, anthropology, human geography)
  • One course in natural science (e.g. biology, ecology, geology, chemistry, physical geography)
  • One course in statistics

If you have been accepted to the program on the condition that you finish one or more pre-requisites, you must finish the course(s) before beginning your first academic year at Evergreen.

Pre-requisites can be completed in person or online through any regionally-accredited college or university.  To help you find an appropriate course, we have listed a few of the numerous options available below. If you have a question about a course that you’re not sure will count as a pre-requisite, please contact Assistant Director Gail Wootan or call 360-867-6225.

Evergreen courses | Washington State Community Colleges | Washington State Public Universities | Online Courses | Other Institutions

Evergreen courses

There are a number of undergraduate programs at Evergreen that you can take as a non-enrolled "special" student. Many of the classes are in the evenings. MES electives also allow special students (and sometimes current undergraduates) to enroll with faculty permission. The advantage of taking an MES course at the graduate level is that you can meet a pre-requisite while also earning elective credit before you even enter the program! If you are admitted to MES, you may qualify for financial aid if you are taking six credits or more of required pre-reqs. Upcoming Evergreen programs that we will accept as pre-requisites are listed below. All are worth four undergraduate-level quarter credits unless otherwise indicated. If you find a program not on this list or if you are a current Evergreen undergraduate taking daytime programs, and need to determine if your program meets a prerequisite, please contact us.

Summer 2016

Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics
Statistics and Research Design, Introduction
Statistics I: Introduction to Statistics

Natural Science
General Biology (8 credits) 
General Chemistry I with Lab (8 credits)
General Chemistry II with Lab (8 credits)
Marine Biology of the Pacific Northwest (8 credits)
Plant Biology
Relentless Entomology: The Unceasingly Amazing World of Insect Diversity (8 credits)
Summer Ornithology: Birds in the Hand (8 credits)

Social Science
Archaeological Field School: Excavating Olympia's First Homestead (8 credits)
Chicana/o Studies--Unity Then & Now!
Dangerous Ladies in Changing Times: An Investigation of Significant Women of American Identity in the 20th and 21st Centuries (8 credits)
Energy Policy Analysis (MPA)
Europe Since 1500
From Civil War to Civil Rights
Living Well: Anthropology and Sustainability (8 credits)
Losing Religion: De-Conversion & New Religious Identities Today
Pacific Northwest History: Multicultural Perspectives
Political Ecology (MES)
Understanding the Economic Crisis
The Value of Natural Capital: Theory, Practice, & Policy (MES)
Women and Leadership

Washington State Community Colleges

If you live in Washington, the most affordable option for meeting your pre-reqs is to take them at one of our 34 community colleges. Pick the one nearest you to see if they offer the pre-req you are missing.  Since our pre-requisites are fairly broad (except for statistics), you have a lot of flexibility in finding the right course for you.  Some Washington community colleges also offer online courses.

NOTE: South Puget Sound CC is in Olympia; and the following community colleges are less than 45 minutes from Olympia: Centralia College, Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College, and Tacoma CC.

Washington State Public Universities

Note: State of Washington employees may be eligible for reduced tuition at state institutions – check each individual institution for their policy.

Another option, if you live in Washington, is to take classes as a non-enrolled student at one of our state institutions.  Each institution is different when it comes to non-enrolled students.  For example, some require an application fee, while others only allow you to sign up for classes the first day of the quarter.  Each state institution is listed below along with the link(s) to information for non-enrolled students.

Online Courses

There are plenty of online options available, especially if you are finding it difficult to make room in your schedule to attend classes  Some are also quite affordable, and others may not charge nonresident tuition. Here is just a sampling of online programs out there (most of which are in the Pacific Northwest). You can choose one of these programs or another online course - just remember to make sure that the college offering the course is a regionally-accredited institution.

Other Institutions

If the options above don't work for you, you may take your pre-requisites at any community college, four-year college, or online college as long as it is regionally-accredited.  Please remember to send your official transcripts to Evergreen as soon as you complete the course. 

If you have a question about a course that you’re not sure will count as a pre-requisite, please contact Assistant Director Gail Wootan or call 360-867-6225.