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Evergreen State College Master of Environmental Studies

 Thesis Presentations (Spring 2017)


All presentations are in Seminar 2, B1105 and are open to the public.


Wednesday, May 24 (Readers: Miranda Mellis, Ted Whitesell) B1105


4:00        Emily Passerelli, Becoming Environmentalists: Previously Incarcerated Individuals' Experiences with Science and Sustainability Programs in Prison 

4:20        Sadie Gilliom, Changing the Prison Work Environment, One Turtle at a Time: A Case Study of the Sustainability in Prisons Project's Western Pond Turtle Programs


4:50        Stephanie Heiges, Urban Agriculture: A Strategy for Sustainable Local Food and Community

5:10        Peik Anderson, Assessing the benefits of forest certification for non-industrial private forests in Washington State


Thursday, May 25 (Readers: Kevin Francis, Ted Whitesell) B1105


3:00        Josh Christy, What is the influence of action? An application of structuration theory in an EIS process in Tacoma, Washington

3:20        Liliana Caughman, Tribal college student perspectives: Sustainability education curriculum in STEM

3:40        Quasar Surprise, Student as scientist: Measuring outcomes of contributory versus collaborative citizen science in a public school setting


4:10     Allie Denzler, Hydromulching in Tidally Influenced Wetlands: Testing methods to alleviate seed wash-away and revegetate native plant communities

4:30        Trace McKellips, Spatial patterns and social impacts of wetland mitigation in Western Washington


Tuesday May 30, (Readers: Erin Martin, Kathleen Saul) B1105


3:20        Joey Burgess, Water, sanitation, and hygiene in Central America and the Caribbean: Depth over breadth for sustainable interventions

3:40        Emily Moore, Spatial analysis for ecologically sensitive wind farm development in the Pacific Northwest


4:10        Yonit Yogev, Diversity, equity and inclusion in the National Park Service: Narratives, counter-narratives, and the importance of moving beyond demographics

4:30        Sairah Kimmel, Evangelical Environmentalism and Environmental Mindfulness: The role of symbolism and beliefs within evangelical ideology and environmentalism

4:50       Kristin Wilmes, Analysis of glacial streams on Mt. Rainier: Spatial and temporal trends in glacial meltwater



Thursday, June 1 (Readers: John Withey, Richard Bigley, Mike Ruth) B1105


3:00        Desiree Anderson, Unravelling Korea’s Mysterious Island: Human impacts on the forest understory of a temperate island in the Sea of Japan

3:20        Frank Stevick, Migration Routes and Stopovers of North Puget Sound Snow Geese

3:40        Terry Carroll, Urban greenspace equity and neighborhood gentrification in San Francisco, California


4:10        Dylan Kubina, Geographic patterns of a high-elevation amphibian in the Cascades range: a case study of the Cascades frog (Rana cascadae)

4:30        Melanie Graeff, Evidence of a changing climate impacting the fluvial geomorphology of the Kautz Creek on Mt. Rainier

4:50        Fawn Harris, The influence of land use on lowland streams in Puget Sound: A case study from Carpenter Creek

5:10        Greg Eide, Looking for a better way to find wetlands: Comparing mapping models on the Quinault Indian Nation

5:30       Liliana Caughman, Tribal college student perspectives: Sustainability education curriculum in STEM