Master of Environmental Studies

Graduate Program on the Environment Communications Assistant

Image of Ryan HobbsGreetings! My name is Ryan Hobbs, and I am the communications assistant for MES. This is my second year in MES but my first as the communications assistant. Some of my responsibilities will be handling our program’s blog and social media accounts. Our blog features current students and alum’s sharing their experiences and accomplishments. In handling the social media accounts, I’ll be sharing information relevant to the program as well as updating the community on our activities. Please email me at with any story ideas, photos, or events you want published to MES social media.

My background is in education and I received my Bachelor’s from Central Washington University. My interests in MES have involved bird strikes, wildlife conservation, GIS, and environmental education. Outside of school I spend a lot of time digging for records and fossils, listening to music (jazz, blues, psychedelic, and progressive rock), playing guitar, hiking, photography, and cycling. My greatest distraction is my cat, Lucien, whose enthusiastic help would be more appreciated if he didn’t find it necessary to sit on my keyboard.